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Katie Boyd

Katie Boyd is a demonologist/occult sciences/ crimes expert and paranormal author. she has been an Occult Sciences Expert for 21 years and a Demonologist for 19, this has helped her greatly in writing her book called Devil's and Demonology of the 21st Century which is in all bookstores! With real life cases, tips, tricks and info galore when it comes to dealing with different types of entities in the paranormal including demonic and evil spirits from around the world. she is co-founder of Ghost Quest Paranormal Research, based out of NH and co-author of Ghost Quest in New Hampshire.With a medical and law enforcement background she has helped with Occult crime cases from around the world. she also co-host a new show called Supernatural Hotspots 

Hi there katie  firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and would like to welcome you to paranormal the otherside.

Can you tell us What exactly is Demonology?

Demonology is simply the study of demons; usually this comes down to mythology, folklore and religious texts. But don't start thinking every demonologist is a walking encyclopedia, there are thousands of different names, titles, and types of entities that we could potentially label demonic spread throughout all of the different cultures. 

When did you first become involved in Demonology?

I grew up in a severely haunted home and I can still remember the local priest coming in several times a month to bless the home and grounds. Even though we did have that protection, there were never really any answers so I used to go look for them by reading books at the local library. Now when I was young there weren't many paranormal texts, but there were a bunch on the occult and witchcraft. I read as much as I could I was so very fascinated by the subjects, these texts would describe how different entities manifested, from spirits to demons, elementals etc. I gained a lot of knowledge there, and realized I could help other families. I don't believe my house had a demon, but because of the haunting it set me on this path.
If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?

Poveglia Island in Northern Italy. This island has so much terrifying and intriguing history, even the locals will not go near the island.   
Could you tell us how you became involved with the show Supernatural Hotspots?

Supernatural Hotspots is the brainchild of myself and Beckah Boyd, it started when I was writing my book Rhode Island's Spooky Ghosts and Creepy Legends, we wanted to do a project that would bring these kinds of books to life. Places where people can go, public parks, old abandoned towns, etc. We wanted to explore as much of New England as possible. We are actually getting ready to start on season 2 now. One of the things I love about it though are the bloopers, so many people give us feedback on that, they love it!

"Demon" has a number of meanings, all related to the idea of a spirit that inhabited a place, or that accompanied a person do you agree or disagree?

The word demon has gotten a really bad wrap, a lot of people hear it but don't understand what it really means. I agree that in the classic literature and etymology demon does describe spirit. Not negative nor harmful but neutral. Although down the line the meanings changed as often happens. We talk about a 'daemon' for instance, many people see it as the cool way to spell 'demon' well it is actually the original way, it's etymology stems from the Greek word äáßìùí  (daimon) meaning "intelligent" which describes a being that is neither good nor evil. Never seen but always guiding or influencing the people they are around. However, just because the word is neutral, does not necessarily mean the entity is.
As you have a few books under your belt from Devil's and Demonology of the 21st Century to Haunted Closets, which book has given you the most joy?

Each of my books that I write are different in nature and give the reader different types of information, Devils and Demonology has become a major resource book for a lot of paranormal groups and those interested in the field of Demonology. So, to know that book has become a resource for many, that brings me joy.

Could you tell us about Ghost Quest Paranormal Research?

Ghost Quest was founded over ten years ago by myself and Psychic Medium Beckah Boyd. We travel all over New England and beyond helping those with paranormal issues. Ghost Quest has become a huge resource for other paranormal groups and victims of hauntings. 

Did you have any paranormal experiences while growing up?

Yes, I grew up in an extremely haunted house; the local priest would come into our house and bless the inside and outside several times a month. The activity range from the lights turning on and off to full body apparitions.  I actually go in-depth about growing up in this house in my book Haunted Closets~True Tales of the Boogeyman.  
With your medical and law enforcement background you have helped with Occult crime cases from around the world could you tell us about the first case your worked on?

Most of the Occult crime cases I work on are confidential, so it makes it hard to answer that question. However, I can say that the cases range from animals to humans.
Are there any resources for those who want to learn more about demons?

There really is not a lot out there for people to study or learn from, that's why I wrote Devils and Demonology in the 21st Century.
Over the years what has been your biggest achievement?

I can't think of any one big achievement, just a lot of little ones along the way.
What are your plans for the future?

I've got another book on the way due out at the end of the year, with two more behind that. So I suspect that other than investigations I will chained to my computer.
Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

When I was young my father told me I could be a meter maid, I became a cop. When I entered into this field, I was not taken seriously because of my gender. Now I've gained respect. Don't quit, persevere. 

I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside,

Philip Solomon

Philip Solomon is one of the most respected Spiritualist mediums in the world, he has been a professional medium for over thirty-five years, is the author of 15 published books, a feature columnist for leading newspapers and magazines, has his own radio show at WCR 101.8 FM, many A List celebrity clients and has demonstrated mediumship in theatres and other venues far and wide and has worked regularly in radio and TV.

Hi there Philip firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and welcome to paranormal the otherside.

Could you tell us when did you first start contacting spirits?

I first became aware of Spirit when I was about two years old and spoke to my great grandmother. I was rather surprised when I went to school that other kids couldn't do this.

Could you tell us a little about your spirit guide if you have one and how you made your first connection with him or her?

We have many helpers and Spirit guides, but two of my main ones are an ancient Scottish clansman called MacDonald and Marion, who I feel was a wise woman in about 1750. they have been with me since my teens. Strangely, I never see them but other people have seen them with me.

Do you know how long people stay in the spirit world before they move on?

people can stay in the Spirit World as long as they like, but some choose to come back to live more lives and to learn more and some go to higher realms and levels of existence.

If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?

Gwrych Castle, Abergele, North Wales. I lived in the orchard when I was a small child. I had incredible paranormal experiences there. It is a ruin these days but I would like to return and maybe film there one day. Have you seen the Sun newspaper story this week? Read my autobiography, Guided By The Light

Are you able to turn off your psychic ability when you want to?

I am able to turn my psychic ability off. In fact, I only turn it on when I am prepared to work with my spirit guides. I have to place myself in the right state to do the work but most of the time I'm just an ordinary, general guy like everyone else.

Were you raised in a religious faith?

Unlike many people, I was actually born into Spiritualism, my mother and grandmother both being well-known mediums. But I went to a Church of England school.

What thoughts do you have on the uks portrayal of psychics/sensitives?

The trouble is there are literally thousands of so-called mediums today in the UK. 30 years ago perhaps each town or village would have one or two. I think perhaps the media portrays psychics and sensitives as mediums, when they're not really, rather just working psychically.

You have written several books and made several videos which have sold worldwide about ghosts and haunting.which book and video has given you the most joy?

That's a difficult question but I would probably say Beyond Death, Conditions In The Afterlife, which I co-wrote with Professor Hans Holzer. I have done so many things in TV, radio and the media I would find it impossible to highlight one in particular.

Over the years what's has been your biggest achievement?

Would say my biggest achievement has been my charity work and in recognition of it, being invited to Buckingham Palace to take tea with the Queen. I am a very strong Royalist.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to work on a TV programme linked to ghost hunts and famous places such as castles and work on there as the resident medium in a very serious and professional way. I would like the general public to see more of what a real medium can do.

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

You can do anything if you believe in yourself and never give up. But don't just ask what the world can do for you, think about what you can do for the world. Everyone has a special role to fulfil in this life.

I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside,

John Callow

John Callow is a writer, screenwriter, and historian, specialising in Seventeenth Century politics, witchcraft, and popular culture. He is the author of 'The Making of James II' (2000); 'Witchcraft & Magic in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Europe' (co-author with Geoffrey Scarre, 2001); 'King In Exile' (2004); and ''James II - The Triumph & the Tragedy' (2005).
He has appeared on programmes and radio shows for RTE, ITV, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Radio 3, Radio 4, and the World Service. He has lectured at Lancaster University, Goldsmiths College, Wuhan University, and the Peace Institute Ljubljana. John is currently Director of the Marx Memorial Library, and is working on 'Embracing the Darkness - a Cultural History of Witchcraft' (for I.B. Tauris) and a study of the Bideford Witches.

Hi there john firstly thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions today and welcome to paranormal the otherside. 
How did you become involved in Seventeenth Century witchcraft ?
I first became interested in 17th Century Witchcraft while I was at College in Durham. I was doing an MA on the Early Modern period, back in 1993-94, and wrote a term paper on King James VI & I and his book on 'Daemonologie'. It seemed paradoxical that someone as learned as James - with such modern views on smoking & religious toleration - should be so fascinated by witches. In fact, his fear of witchcraft was informed by his experience of trials at the Danish court and by attempts, centering on his rival the Duke of Bothwell, to depose or murder him.   

 Could you tell out viewers a little about Seventeenth Century witchcraft ?
That's a big question! But: the crucial thing to remember was that witchcraft was regarded as a crime. Moreover, it was a crime that had implications not just in this world, but also in the next. The witch murdered not just the body of the individual he / she recruited through the demonic pact, but also their soul for all eternity in the hereafter. The tragedy of witchcraft persecution was that it was motivated by a wrong - but rational - impulse to protect the public good.
There has been so much amazing research on witchcraft over the past 20 years: the work of Jim Sharpe, Robin Briggs, Ronald Hutton & Christine Larner springs to mind. They've totally overturned a lot of the old received wisdoms!
As you have a few books under your belt from The Making of James II to James II - The Triumph & the Tragedy' which book has given you the most joy ?
Every book is different! I think you always go through a 'pain threshold' with writing & researching. I vividly remember writing the last lines of 'King in Exile' on Boxing Day morning 2004; and unwrapping the copy of 'Making of James II' when it came from the printers. Those are the times you relish, when you can see the result of your labours. Perhaps the most satisfying writing experience I had was working on a little article of the 'Last of the Shireburnes', a doomed Lancashire Roman Catholic family. It carried with it a Gothic, moody atmosphere and was a delight from start to finish.  
If you could visit any part of history what would it be and why ?
This is the sort of question that begs a romanticised answer! I'd have loved to have shared a coffee with Julius Fucik in the cafe Slava, in 1920s Prague; to have seen the Hussite war waggons jolt out of their mountain strongholds; & to have stood on the quarter deck of the 'Aurora' in October 1917.Durer's Nuremberg or Cromwell's London would be great stopping-off points too ... 
What has been your greatest find since becoming a historian ?
The most exciting (and unexpected) was to be passed, in a high-rise flat, situated in the concrete outskirts of Prague, a little red paperback signed by Julius Fucik, an avant guard journalist. It was published in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia - probably only a few hundred were ever printed - and Fucik would later lead the Czech resistance and give his life in the struggle. 
It seems you have done a study of the Bideford Witches could you tell our viewers a little bit about this ?
This is what I'm working on at the moment. The Bideford Witches were the last three women to be hanged, in England, for witchcraft. This happened in 1983 - during the reign of Charles II. It was really the story of the 'haves' winning-out over the 'have-nots'. In a boom town, long before social welfare, those women were the victims of poverty to a degree scare imaginable in the Western world, today. They were bought down by their neighbours, amid an atmosphere of simmering suspicion and discontent.
In your carear what's has been your biggest achievement ?
That's a hard one! I guess the moment that defined me was securing a 1st class degree. It opened up the possibility of gaining government scholarships that would allow me to try for a career in historical research. Without that, nothing else would have followed.  

Can you tell our viewers on how you became involved with most haunted ?
Most Haunted were looking for a new historian, at pretty short notice, and (mainly because of my Lancashire background!) I think I fitted the bill. I chatted to Karl & Yvette, who are a wonderful couple, and it all went from there ...

Could you tell us a little about your radio carear and what it involved ?
I have been on radio quite a lot - and its always been good fun. I reviewed the papers on Tessa Dunlop's BBC Show; did a wonderful show with Gary Lachmann (of 'Blondie' fame!) on Isobel Gowdie - a Scottish witch - and even did a Halloween slot on 'Kerrang!' radio!
 I previously visited a supposedly haunted location which  involved witchcraft, could you tell us on the best way to research such claims. ?
We're really lucky having a public library service in this country and a network of local county history archives, which are open to all. We're also fortunate (though it doesn't always seem so!) to live in a society that was very heavily bureaucratized from the Tudor period onwards. As a result, it is comparatively easy to track down records for individuals, places and events. The internet has also revolutionised the way we research, with many documents now being available online. It represents a great democratisation of knowledge.

 Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?
It was poignant filming Most Haunted back in Morecambe, I went into the Winter Gardens past the local newspaper offices where I had a work placement straight out of school in 1987! 
What are your plans for the future?
I'm pretty booked up until the end of the year! I'm finishing a big book on the 'Cultural History of Witchcraft', for I.B. Tauris, which should be ready soon. On top of that I'm lecturing on Witchcraft at the University of Suffolk over the spring, and I should be off to work in Vietnam over the summer. So, that's enough to contemplate for now! 
On behalf of Paranormal The Otherside i would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to interview you

Derek Acorah:

 Derek Acorah is, without question, the number one television psychic in the UK, bridging the gap between the niche cult shows to mainstream talk shows which rely on personality and the ability to capture the imagination.As a result of Derek's sincerity and enthusiastic delivery, Derek has achieved international acclaim with television, radio and personal appearances across the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand and the USA. Derek has also conducted telephone consultations for people as far south as India, Australia and New Zealand Over the years, Derek's television appearances have made him one of Britain's most popular and best known mediums, resulting in consistent sell out shows throughout his UK tours
Hi there derek firstly thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions today and welcome to paranormal the otherside.
Could you tell us when did you first start contacting spirits?
I was first aware of spirit from early in my childhood and throughout my teens and early twenties spirit were making themselves known to me. I was in my mid-twenties when I first communicated with the other side.
Could you tell us a little about your spirit guide SAM and how you made your first connection with him?
My meeting with Sam 2000 years ago is well documented.    We were both in Ethiopia - Sam was a seer and orator and I was a young, homeless boy.     I lost my life. Sam felt that he had let me down as he had promised to care for me as I grew up. Sam has chosen to fulfil his promise now, in my present lifetime, by being my spirit guide. I first became aware of Sam's presence with me when I was a child - my grandmother who was also a medium told me about him. I was in my late teens when Sam first communicated with me briefly but I was to reach my late twenties before I could converse clairaudiently with him.
Do you know how long people stay in the spirit world before they move on?
There is no hard and fast rule. The choice whether to stay in the spirit world or to incarnate once again in to a physical life here on earth is purely a matter for the spirit concerned and how quickly they want to achieve soul growth.
Could you tell us how you became involved with ghost towns and what was it like to work with Daniella Westbrook and Angus Purden?
When I made the decision to leave "Most Haunted", Livingtv offered me the opportunity of having my own paranormal programme, and Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns was born. Working with Daniella and Angus was an absolute joy. Daniella is a firm believer in the world of spirit - Angus was not so sure...... until he took part in Ghost Towns!
Out of all the areas you visited whilst filming ghost towns what location has been the most active?
I don't think I would like to choose a particular location. Each and every one of them was fascinating in their own right.   
If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?
I would love to investigate the Tower of London. I can only begin to imagine how rich in paranormal activity the Castle is, and how fascinating it would be to "meet" some of the people who have resided there.
As you have a few books under your belt from Haunted Britain to Develop Your Hidden Powers which book has given you the most joy? 
"The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah" is my favourite book from all the books I have written.
Over the years what's has been your biggest achievement? 
I think that being a pioneer in spreading the word of spirit through the medium of television is my greatest achievement. I feel privileged that I  had the opportunity to be the first medium to regularly appear on UK television and so set the seal for other mediums to reach far greater audiences than had previously been possible.
What are your plans for the future?
To keep on working for Spirit in whatever way they deem I should.
 on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside i would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to interview you

Phil Whyman:

phil.jpg image by pauljg

Phil Whyman is the former paranormal expert / presenter of Living TV’s much acclaimed  television series, ‘Most Haunted’.

Hi there Phil  firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and would like to welcome you to, Paranormal The Otherside.

 When did you first become involved in the paranormal?

I first became involved in the paranormal (as in investigating wise) when I was about sixteen years old, when I investigated the house belonging to a relative of a friend; they had experienced some strange incidents and thought that they may be due to a ghost.

Prior to that, I had been reading about myths, legends and the paranormal in general since I was eleven years of age.
Can you remember your first strange experience?

My first 'strange' experience involved a sighting of our family cat, when I was about fourteen - fifteen. I saw 'something' walk past my bedroom door and thought it was the cat, so I followed it, but when I got to where it should have been there was nothing there, only a dead end on the landing.
What springs to mind when I say Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious?

I love that show and used to watch it religiously every week it was on. It had some fascinating tales and stories to relate and Arthur C was brilliant at his summing up of his beliefs at the end of the episode…usually with a little tongue in cheek humour!
Can I ask when you where filming for Living TV series ‘Scream-Team which episode gave you the most enjoyment ?

I enjoyed the Woodchester Mansion episode, as it was by far the scariest location out of them all.

Can you tell us a little about the work you do for Chat-It’s Fate magazine ?

I have been a regular columnist for Chat-It's Fate magazine for a while now, with my articles being based around the strange and the mysterious. I enjoy writing a lot and telling stories so this is an ideal opportunity for me to sharesome tales with the readers. I also write for Ghost Voices magazine too, as does my partner Sara, who writes the 'Ghost Hunter Diary' articles. I am also on the magazine Advisory Panel.

Could you tell our readers a little on what to expect from your penning  fiction novel?

Lol…I am afraid that this information is top secret. I do however hope to get it finished sometime this year (when I find a moment or two!)There are two other novels I will be working on also, both different from the first entirely.
In 1999 you composed, performed and produced 'Within the Matrix' album can you tell us how it all came about ?

I have been playing, performing and composing music since I was about fourteen or so. Within the Matrix is an album I put together from a small selection of songs I have, all composed and performed on synthesizers; my musical hero is French synth-keyboardist Jean Michel Jarre. I hope to put some snippets of the songs on one of my websites pretty shortly so people can have a listen…and even purchase an album if they wish!
Can you tell our viewers on how you became involved with scream team and most haunted?

For Scream Team I had to audition on two separate occasions before being chosen; Living TV actually advertised for three guys and three girls to take part in a new show (with the ads being shown in between Most Haunted series one!). I was successful and chosen from over 1500 applicants! It was from there that I got to attend the first Most Haunted Live show (at Dudley Castle), and went on to meet Karl Beattie and Yvette Fielding. Karl kindly asked me if I would like to be the paranormal investigator for the new series and I gladly accepted! Both Karl and I are in regular contact with each other and remain very good friends!
If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?

Good question. If Borley Rectory was still standing then I would without a second thought say that I would investigate that; I grew up reading all about Harry Price and the strange goings-on at the Rectory. But alas, it burned down a long time ago…so I will say the Tower of London or Hampton Court Palace.
Over the years what's has been your biggest achievement?

Apart from the television side of things, I would say getting my first book published (Phil Whyman's DEAD HAUNTED) or starting my own overnight paranormal events company called 'Dead Haunted Nights' ( We take paranormal enthusiasts to some of the country's most haunted and paranormally active locations within the UK, and we see many of our past clients (many are now good friends of ours) returning to join us again and again. Our tag line says it all really; If it happens, it happens for REAL.We do not 'make' activity or set anything up on our events…in fact the DHN team leaders do not actually participate in the experiments, but supervise them instead.We have some great people on the DHN team, without whom the whole DHN business would not be as successful as it is (Sara Woodward, Tim Wagstaff, Paul 'Betelguise' Griffiths, Kevin Crow, Clare Barnhill, Jane Carrigan, Meisty…and many more who deserve mentions. I thank you!). I have just started filming our events and some of them are available to watch on the Dead Haunted Nights website, at under the GALLERY section.
What are your plans for the future?

Global domination! Lol…just kidding.Not sure what my plans are just yet, but hopefully doing some more TV work.

 Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Yeah…We have a large community on Face Book and would love to have any of your readers join it! Just search for 'Phil Whymans Dead Haunted Nights'

 On behalf of Paranormal The Otherside i would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to interview you 

steve parsons


Steve is co-founder of Para.Science, an investigative group based in the North West of England.
Steve has appeared on several documentaries focused on ghosts.
His investigations and knowledge of all manner of ghostly things have been featured on National Geographic Channel,Discovery Channel and the BBC. He even surfaced briefly on Living TV’s Most Haunted.

  What was the first case you investigated?

The first case investigation I attended was at some disused RAF hangars at an old aerodrome in Cheshire.It was a basic affair and largely consisted of a few people rushing about armed with Dictaphones and cameras.Needless to say nothing much happened but the experience both whetted my appetite for me and left me frustrated at the way the investigation was carried out. I started to think that here was something that was worth studying but there had to be a better way.

  How did you become involved in ghost hunting?

(and sort of continuing from 1)
As a child I had a number of books by Harry Price and Peter Underwood and was keenly interested in Ghosts and hauntings. I also remember being fascinated by the story of England's Most Haunted House (a distinction given to it in the Guinness Book of Records I got given one Christmas).Price and his fellow 'Ghosthunters' fascinated me and I loved reading about the ghost hunting equipment they used and invented.One year I do remember building a ghost trap but in the absence of a ghost I tried unsuccessfully to catch our poor cat perhaps fortunately for the moggie! Much later I got the chance to join a team of amateur paranormal investigators and it was there I met Ann Winsper who became my co-conspirator in Para.Science. Both of became increasingly frustrated at the antics of the group and in conversation decided that there must be a better way if we were ever going to make any progress in understanding Ghosts and Hauntings. That frustration lead directly to the setting up of Para.Science

  What was your most DIFFICULT case?

The most difficult case we have ever undertaken is unfortunately one that I am not able to discuss in any detail for a number of reasons but essentiallywe spent about 12 months trying to undo the harm caused by another group of paranormal investigators. By the time they had finished their 'investigation and exorcisms the two women involved were on the point of moving house, one required specialist psychological support and counseling,both had been physically threatened and they had been charged more than £2,000 by this band of ghost hunting scum.That case aside I don't think that any of our cases have been easy as each requires a thorough approach starting at the initial interview stage. Often our cases last months or even years and it takes a certain amount of effort to return night after night, week after week to sit in the same location watching little more than paint dry or a computer screen filled with environmental information.

 What is your favourite equipment to use on an investigation and what type of evidence have you collected with that equipment?

The best item of equipment Para.Science has is our team members and their five God given senses. Ghosts and hauntings are essentially a humanexperience that no machine can yet fully measure & document. I am lucky to have a large arsenal of equipment to play with – I think it must be somewhere around £50,000 worth and I am able to measure just about any environmental variable I need to BUT so far there is absolutely nothing in the toy box that is able to detect or measure the paranormal. My current favourite gadget is my FLIR Thermal Imager, it allows direct observation to made of a temperature variations in a way that is much more informative than a thermometer. They say a picture speaks a thousand words but with the TI we are able to take still and moving images of a location and then using a computer afterwards obtain up to 22 million individual temperature measurements for every frame we shoot.It was with the TI that during one investigation we obtained some very interesting and unusual footage that showed a temperature anomaly that spread throughout the location whilst at the same time a group of people coincidentally reported subjective temperature changes. To have such objective and subjective information about the same event is not only rare but adds weight to the credibility of the phenomenon. I can't claim it was paranormal but it was certainly highly unusual and extremely difficult to explain.

  If you wasn't into the paranormal what would you have been into?

I have a great interest in history and archaeology and if I wasn't so busy with paranormal studies I would love to join in and learn more about digging up the past

  What are you working on at the moment?

The big project for me is the study of Infrasound and it's possible links with reported paranormal experiences, in fact I am engaged in a PhD that is looking at exactly that. Infrasound is very low frequency sound that is too low to be audible to the human ear and as such it is extremely difficult to measure properly. Most commercial sound equipment is simply not able to respond to sound frequencies below 20Hz which is where the Infrasonic region begins.The research has meant that first of all I had to design and build the equipment and then have ensure it was calibrated so that the information was scientifically meaningful.The result has been 'ARID' an acoustic Infrasound detector which is capable of measuring sound frequencies down to as low as 1Hz. I have also designed and built Infrasound generators which are capable of producing sound to as low as 7Hz. Both units have been used in support of paranormal research and the initial results have been intriguing but far from conclusive.

 Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?

I don't recall any unusual or ghostly encounters as a child although I am told by my parents that our first house was apparently haunted

  Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain?

It is almost inevitable that I have had a number of experiences that I cannot explain as I have spent so many hours in some supposedly very haunted places. Perhaps I have seen a ghosts or two but until we know what exactly ghosts are then it is difficult to be sure. I have seen apparitions, heard noises and observed objects moving non of which I can currently explain.

What are your thoughts on E.V.P.'S?

For a start most paranormal investigators are NOT carrying out EVP research correctly. There are well documented methods for undertaking this kindof study and sticking a tape recorder or digital mp3 recorder in a haunted room is not how it is done. For those who are interested I would suggest that they read 'Breakthrough' by Konstantin Raudive for a full account of the best methods.There does seem to be a lot of unanswered questions that EVP research raises and I know a lot of scientists and theologians are intrigued by the possibilities properly conducted EVP research raises.Personally, I haven't conducted any serious EVP studies so cannot comment from personal experience about the subject although I find the concept intriguing.

 Would you buy a haunted house?

I would love to buy a haunted house and live in it - it's one of my greatest ambitions. My very own pet ghost to study

  If there was a ghost in your house would you want to stay in it ?

I would love to buy a haunted house and live in it - it's one of my greatest ambitions. My very own pet ghost to study

  If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?

Perhaps the place highest on my list of places I would love to investigate has to be either Hampton Court palace or Alcatraz Island both have a wealth of unanswered questions hanging over them that I would love the chance to try and answer. I don't think I will ever get the chance though as I doubt that they would permit the sort of long term access that would be needed for a proper investigation to be conducted and there isn't much that one can do during a single visit.

  Do you believe in ESP?  Can some people know what other people are thinking or feeling?

ESP is certainly well documented and I think it would be naive to say that it doesn't exist. We need to keep an open mind and not be too dogmaticin our approach to ESP or other seemingly paranormal abilities.

  Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

In would encourage everyone with an interest in the paranormal to question everything they encounter or believe. Seek ALL the possible explanationsbefore reaching a conclusion and try not to allow personal beliefs and ideals cloud ones judgment.

  What are your plans for the future?

Future plans are simply to continue to develop and improve the research and investigation methods and to continue searching for answers to the questions 'What is a ghost? And Why do people see ghosts?'




Phantom Force


Hi there guys firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today

can you tell us a little about your group and how it came about. ?
'Phantom Force' is a video series created by a team of filmmakers banded together after work on previous paranormal projects. We were creating promotional videos for paranormal groups around the southwest and learnt/experienced so many things over time that we eventually decided to team up and work on something completly different.
Something that hadn't been done before, but using our knowledge from our previous works.
'Phantom Force' was created to answer questions and look at subjects many people have never heard of. To explain the unexplained... What is a Ghost?... What is a Medium?... What is automatic writing?... and so on.
At the same time we approach everything from completly on the fence so as to appeal to not only believers but also the sceptics.
We travel around the country inviting groups, Mediums and other related people into our series whilst investigating haunted locations for paranormal activity and featuring subjects never really covered before.
We feature different guests each episode and promote as many people as possible on our travels.
There is so much more to explain...but of course the series will explain everything...please tune in. :)

What was the first case you investigated?
Most of the team had been involved together on previous paranormal projects so had already visited many locations, but for the 'Phantom Force' series our first case was 'Queen adelaides grotto' in Cornwall which can be seen in our pilot episode (via our website).
What was your most DIFFICULT case?
I wouldn't say we've had any one particularly difficult case. But one reportedly haunted place called 'The Garden', which is an old Cinema converted into a Leisure Centre was actually the quietest night we've ever had. Apon walking into the building the Guest Medium for the episode turned to us and said "Theres nothing here. We may as well quit this one". The Medium had travelled quite a way to join us so we believed her. However, it immediatly put a bit of a bit of a dampener on the night and as it turned out....nothing happened.
can you tell us a little about the paranormal related, feature
length documentaries produced by 'Phantom Force ?

Phantom Force is about taking this form of series in a new direction. Not just another series about looking for ghosts at haunted locations. We're travelling around the U.K teaming up with, supporting and promoting Paranormal Groups, Mediums and other people related to this subject. We look at the related tools and techniques and ask questions that most other programs do not. The idea is to create a series that opens up peoples eyes and appeal to both believers and sceptics. The whole style of the series is a change from the norm, from the editing down to the music.
We also work alongside a 17th Century re-enactment group who help recreate historical scenes for the series, giving the show an even bigger feel.
Episode I of this series gives you the basics of what is to come, crammed into a 100 minute pilot episode. But as of Episode II, people will experience a whole new ball game.
The beauty of Phantom Force is that those involved rarely watch other paranormal programs. We are approaching this series in a way that we want to rather than being subconciously influenced by the things we've seen on TV.

could you tell us what documentaries have given you the most enjoyment ?
I think the whole series has been enjoyable so far. Each episode is different and we are always learning new things and meeting new people.
Episodes that involve working with our re-enactment team are always fun and of course teaming up with people like 'Richard Felix' is always a blast. But so far, i think the whole series has been an enjoyable experience and i hope that it becomes equally enjoyable for the viewers.

can you tell us about some of your favourite  loactions that you have investigated ?
It's very difficult to pick one location as each one has its own reasons for being great.
But in terms of location and events i would have to say Chambercombe Manor.
However, we are presently gearing up for our third series which begins with 'Bodmin Jail' and i'm already pretty certain of that being a future favorite. We've always wanted to go there and in terms of history alone it's going to be an extremly interesting shoot.

Could you tell us a little about your views on orbs the most talked about phenomena as with other differnt groups haven differnt views on this subject?
I investigated a pub several years back alongside a paranormal group, which had their own CCTV system. Watching the CCTV monitor we found hundreds of orbs flying around and the owners were convinced it was paranormal due to various tests they had performed.
I wasn't convinced and placed my own nightvision camera in front of the CCTV camera only to find hundreds of dust particles flying around, usually unseen by the naked eye.
I have to say, im not a believer in Orbs.
Every room has dust flying around.... have you ever sat in a room when the sun shines through the window. In the beam of light you'll see loads of dust flying about. But any other time you cannot see it.
There have also been several explanations for different types of cameras, about the reasons these images are found.

What is your favourite equipment to use on an investigation and what type of evidence have you collected with that equipment?
Due to the nature of our series we do not carry out investigations in the way many paranormal groups/investigators do. We work with different guests each episode and so the focus tends to be on them and the way that they work.
For example, we have worked with paranormal groups who carry out baseline tests before an investigation and we'll ask questions and take a close look at how they carry out these tests.  A Medium on the other hand may use forms of divination in which case we'll do a similar thing with them.
We do, of course, have our own equipment but tend to focus each episode on experimenting with a particular tool. Often conducting an investigation based on that tool.  If you watch Episode I, you'll see we feature the Quija board which we then carry out experiments with.
If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?
If i could investigate anywhere, i would visit Edinburgh Vaults. Due to the stories ive heard and the activity that was supposed to have been caught on TV I find this place interesting. Also 'Aldwych Underground Train Station' which i think would be a fascinating step back in time.
Has anything ever happened to you whilst filming that you cannot explain ?
Possibly the most memorable thing that has happened was at Plymouths oldest pub 'The Minerva Inn'. This actually happened before Phantom Force.
I was locked, alone, in the bar with a nightvision camera, calling out to the supposed spirits that haunt the pub. I was fairly new to the paranormal at the time and so i suppose a bit cocky, not expecting anything to happen.
But when i asked the spirit to make themselves known, there was a loud crashing sound from behind the bar. (This caused plenty of swearing from myself!!).
After the lights were swiched on i searched for the cause of the sound and found nothing.
I was the only person in the bar and could find no logical reason for the sound. I have the footage on DVD and have played it back so many times....but still cannot figure it out.
Was it paranormal?  I don't know, but it certainly scared the hell out of me!
What are your thoughts on E.V.P.'S?
I find the subject fascinating but, as of yet, we haven't featured any experiments on E.V.P's. Its certainly something we will look into doing in the near future.
Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?
What are your plans for the future?
We begin shooting our Third series in December. 'Mark Webb' of TV's 'Haunted Homes' and 'Living with the Dead' will be joining our cast alongside 'Natalie Lawrence', the founder of 'Haunted Hereford'. 
However, for everyone else watching online, the series is presently still as far as the Series 1 pilot episode.
This is due to alot of work we had to do over the past year in order to make Phantom Force happen. Unfortunately this work has held up the editing of the series.
But... Episode II actually goes into the edit stages as of Monday 2nd November 2009 having finally finished work on the last of our holdups (but a fun holdup at that) 'Richard Felix Investigates The Chambercombe Ghosts', which will be available from our website in the near future.
After that... well who knows. Naturally we'd like to reach TV and make a success of the series. But we're in no rush. That is certainly not our ultimate goal. We're having fun creating this series and helping alot of people along the way. I just hope we can continue to do so.

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?
We would like to say, 'Thank you' for your support and please spread the word.
Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have an interest in the series or would like to feature in a future episode.
You can find us at the following address....
I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the oppertunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside,
Thank you for your interest guys and keep up the good work.    
Kriss Ellis-Stansfield - Director                               
                                       Thanks again for your time.



David Taylor

David Taylor is founder of Parasearch ( and has been investigating anomalous experiences for 30 years. He is also a council member of the Unitarian Society for Psychical Studies, the Society for Psychical Research, The Ghost Club, Churches Fellowship for Psychical & Spiritual Studies and is an investigator for the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. Along with members of Parasearch he has investigated some of the most important ghost eports of the last 20 years. During his 30 year interest in the subject he has spent countless hours in a variety of castles, manor houses, pubs, theatres, caves and homes looking for ghosts.

He has co-authored one book on ghosts and has written numerous articles on folklore, history and psychical research. His current research projects include transpersonal anthropology, interaction of consciousness with place and he sociology of paranormal belief. He can be contacted at:

What was the first case you investigated?
I’ve been involved in paranormal research for nearly 30 years, so trying to remember my first case is impossible! I started in this subject as a UFOlogist, so my early investigations were all UFO related. In the early days I investigated a wide variety of reports – from lights in the sky, to UFO contactees and abductees and physical trace cases. In 1986 I founded a group called Parasearch (, making us one of the oldest regional paranormal groups in the country.

 What was your most DIFFICULT case?
I wouldn’t say that we have ever had a difficult case. Each case presents new challenges. It is important to remain calm and objective in all investigations. 
What are your views on using psychics whilst out on a investigation ?
Psychics and mediums can be a double-edged sword on an investigation! In the rare cases where we feel the need to use a psychic or medium, we only use people who we know and trust and do not use them as a primary source of information.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite locations that you have investigated ?
In recent years a lot of emphasis has been placed on how many locations you have visited. The more famous the better! This is mainly thanks to certain television programmes. This in turn has alerted many potential venues to the possibility that they can (and do!) charge for groups conducting investigations in them. This has really spoilt it for serious groups like Parasearch who do not have the big budgets of ‘Fright Night’ events. Having said that, we have been fortunate in being able to investigate some really fantastic locations. On a personal level I have really enjoyed the investigations I have been involved with at Muncaster Castle in Cumbria (with Dr. Jason Braithwaite) and Chingle Hall in Lancashire, not because anything paranormal happened at either venue, but purely for the atmosphere.
Could you tell us a little about your views on orbs the most talked about phenomena as with other groups have different views on this subject?
In a word - dust. Check out http:
What is your favourite equipment to use on an investigation and what type of evidence have you collected with that equipment?
Equipment has it’s place, but I think that in recent years there has been an over-reliance on it. 15-20 years ago everything was very basic - you had a video camera if you were lucky! Now, thanks to the internet anyone can call themselves a paranormal ‘expert’ and buy various technical equipment. Most investigators have no idea how to use the equipment they have, and most new investigators seem to believe that the equipment they have detects ghosts, which of course it doesn’t! In Parasearch’s 23 year history you would expect that we have all sorts of recordable ‘evidence’, but we don’t. That’s because we are meticulous in researching all anomalies, and find that a large proportion of them have a natural explanation. We do however have some interesting video and audio recordings which we cannot currently explain.
If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?
I am afraid I don’t have a ‘wish list’. When you have been doing this for 30 years you take on a more pragmatic approach to the subject. Psychical research isn’t simply about visiting any ‘haunted’ location. Each venue has it’s own merits.
Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain whilst being out on loaction?
A couple of experiences spring to mind. A few years ago we investigated a poltergeist case. During the initial interviews with the witnesses we were fortunate to hear a series of bangs coming from underneath the floorboards. These bangs were in response to a series of questions asked by one of the witnesses to the poltergeist. Then a few years ago we held a vigil at a local higher education centre. During one of the sessions I saw a figure dressed in brown ‘tweed’ walking down a corridor. I assumed it was one of our investigators, but when I checked the corridor led to a locked classroom! I only found out later that the anomaly associated with the corridor was an apparition of a man in a tweed jacket!
What are your thoughts on E.V.P.'S?
I have conducted a series of EVP experiments over the years. I am sceptical about EVP having a paranormal cause, although there are a few instances I have come across that I find difficult to explain. I remain open minded.
Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?
Unfortunately not! Despite visiting ruined castles and old churches with my parents on holidays, I never had an experience I could describe as paranormal. I came close to seeing 'Morgawr' the Cornish sea serpent once - but it turned out to be a dolphin!
What are your plans for the future?
The subject of paranormal research has changed dramatically over the last few years, mainly due to the influence of certain TV programmes. This has led to an influx of interest in the subject and venues charging large amounts of money to allow investigators in to conduct research. We are currently concentrating on a series of scientific based research projects using repeatable scientific protocols.
Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?
Two quotes spring to mind. The first from the American psychologist and philosopher William James who had an active interest in psychical research: “A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices” and finally the late French UFOlogist Aime Michel: “Accept everything, believe nothing”.

lesley smith



Lesley Smith is a remarkable social historian of the 16th century who is passionate about and committed to raising public understanding of the subject. Lesley uses many approaches to promote her cause. She is perfectly happy to don full Elizabethan costume, weighing up to 25kg, as a historical character – her favourite being Queen Elizabeth I – if this will further the understanding of our nation’s history. Lesley Smith was appointed as the lessee of Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire, one of the most important extant Norman Castles in England, by the Duchy of Lancaster in 2000. She has been astonishingly successful. Since the year 2000 the annual number of visitors has soared from 8,000 to over 100,000. This remarkable achievement has become a case study for Heritage Management students at the University.


1  What was the first case you investigated?

The first case I investigated with Most Haunted was Portsmouth. This was my first “Live” show however as part of the investigation team my first show was Tilbury Docks. Plenty of rats and cold windy corridors I remember .


2  How did you become involved in social history?

I first became involved with social history at the age of about seven ! I lived near one of the great London museums and Spent a huge amount of my spare time there – driving the guards and curators bonkers with endless questions.

3  What was your most DIFFICULT case?

My most difficult case in terms of fear was Morecombe Theatre – it was only my second show and I was really petrified in the dark. Cath and I stood on the stairs trembling with fear. In terms of history  difficulty – well some of the paperwork held by the properties can be pretty doubtful in terms of source  - in other cases, fantastic and I have at times had very little time to put together research as now and again the venues change with very little notice.

4  What has been your greatest find since becoming a historian?

My greatest find was the discovery that Mary Queen of Scots was pregnant BEFORE her third marriage. That hit the national press and even the John Humphries show on Radio 4. That finding has not been disputed with evidence only 2  people irritated that I have revealed something about someone they saw as some kind of goddess. I am quite used to people being contentious about me because they want one of my jobs – never mind both.

5  If you wasn't into social history what would you have been into?

If I wasn’t into social history then I would have been a politician.

6  What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on my Phd at the moment.

7  Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?

I did have paranormal experiences as a child. Particularly a sense of being out of my body – when I was about 6.

8  Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain?

Many things have happened to me which I can’t explain – usually nothing to do with the dead but a great deal to do with the living.


9  If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?

My ideal haunted location would be The Tower of London – and everyone else I suspect.

10 How did you first become involved with mosthaunted?

I was approached by Most Haunted as a location owner for series 2. Also I had appeared on a large number of TV programmes before MH. Such as “Predictions”; “Trading Up”, “Bargain Hunt”. ”Children’s BBC”, “The Caterers “, “Worst Jobs in History”, “The News”,  and lots of radio interviews.

11 Over the years whats has been your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement was winning the castle and equally being accepted as a Phd student. I would love to be Dr. Smith so I can give my dear friend Ciaren a bit of jousting.

12 How old was you when you first become passionate about social history?

Answered see 2

13 Could you give our readers a little insite into researching a location or building?

Insight into researching a property should start with the owner if possible. Do they have documented evidence about the property or even hearsay that you can at least check into? Then off to the Land Registry – that is where deeds are kept on a property that go right back to the original land. There is a fee but it is not very expensive. Then the local library will have some official documentation or books relating to the property or land – if you are lucky. Also it is worthwhile checking to see if a Civic Society is in an area – they are highly respectable bodies that hold research into a property. Universities are a good source too and that can include the websites in case some students in say the history department are involved with a research project linked with the site. There are some ideas – be very careful about website though of any form – there is some utter claptrap talking about properties and people – so be very careful. There are people out there with grudges about places – maybe they were sacked or some other problem so be warned. If it seems unlikely it may well be.

14 Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Keep hunting, keep enjoying and don’t be ambitious for recognition. Yes, take it seriously if you wish but don’t get worked up if you don’t get a real live ghost.

15 What are your plans for the future?

My plans to for the future are quite exciting at many levels – I am very lucky – wait and see!!

Laura Martin:

Medium Laura Martin
Hi there Laura firstly welcome to paranormal the otherside and thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today.

Can you tell us when did you first start contacting spirits?

I was very young when I started to be aware of spirit. This continued through school until I made contact with my guide. I was in my late twenties when I began to communicate properly.

Could you tell us a little about your experiences whilst growing up?

I'd been aware of spirit for such a young age and had spent most of my young life frightened when I was visited. I'd be visited by the same lady every single night, and she became increasingly angry with me as I was not listening to her. After mediums came to see me, she made it clear that she wanted to tell me something and no one else. This message was that my Granddad would be ill, but he would be OK. I never saw her again.

I hear you’re writing a book about your experiences? Anything you’d like to share?

Yes I am, I'm writing it for my family members. I grew up not understanding what was happening to me and feeling very alone. I was turned away at a church for being too young. I never wanted anyone to have that happen to them, so I decided to write the book for people to learn from. Its talks about my dealings with spirit from yrs ago to today and things I have overcome. Being a trance medium I struggled very much to learn to handle how to deal with it. I'll be sharing parts of it on my website.

Can you tell us does everyone have a spirit guide? Should everyone try to contact them?

I believe everyone is guided in their lives, through one way or another. How we tune in to that guidance is very much up to the individual. Guidance can be accepted so many ways, like with Angels. Its a connection that can help us in our lives. I work so closely with my guide as I know other mediums do. 

Three years ago you started to provide psychic readings for people. What led you to the decision to start doing this?

I felt a push to start to do development and was finally ready. After development I began the readings, this opened me up even more, to be able to pass on messages from spirit. I felt It was what I was meant to do.

In a field full of frauds and pretenders what would you advise to a person looking for advice from a psychic medium?

I get so many people say 'I was drawn to you' and I think that if you get that feeling go for it. I think its important to know a little about that person, if they were to have a website etc, and to read their testimonials. If you are not happy with your reading, then say. Its important that the reader is made aware how you feel, after all, its your reading.

Also can you tell us how you work with angels?

During my readings I connect with Archangels. Its usually Michael who comes through to me, but there are so many Archangels that each have a purpose, so when reading, if a specific issue arises, I call upon the Archangels for their help and guidance. I also give their information to the client, so that they may call upon them when they need to.

Also could you tell our readers about how you first became aware of the angels?

I'd been through a traumatic time in my past and was upset. I felt a warmth all around me and immediately calmed down. I never looked back from that day. I had totally changed. I was told I would pass on their work, which is what I do.

Can you tell us a little about you web site?

Yes my website is so much of my life and what I love. I wanted it to be interactive. For people to share their lives, their stories etc. I wanted people to see the help that is out there for them.

What gave you the idea for the name of you web site?

The job that I do, is guided by angels

Over the years what's has been your biggest achievement?

Getting where I am now, I've been so fortunate to have some fantastic support around me, and that my work can continue so I can help others.

What are your plans for the future?

I have some projects coming up for next year, and I'm hoping to spread my work throughout the UK and beyond.
on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside i would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to interview you

Philip Mantle

Philip Mantle's interest in UFO research began in l979 when he joined the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), and Yorkshire UFO Society (YUFOS). Although extremely active in the field of UFO research, Philip Mantle has relinquished his various appointed positions, due to professional commitments, with the exception of honorary membership of RIAP.
 In January, l999 Philip Mantle became the Research & Commissioning Editor of Quest Magazine and also BEYOND magazine and along with BBC radio network and TV programmes such as Kilroy, Pebble Mill at One, TV-AM, GMTV, Central Weekend, Fantastic Facts, Wire TV, Schofield’s Quest, Motormouth, The Disney Club, Cool Cube, Good Morning with Anne and Nick, This Morning


Hi there philip firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today
can you tell us a little on   How you first become intrested in Ufology?

 I first became interested in ufology in the late 1970’s. I’d always been interested in all things paranormal and I read one UFO book and I was intrigued from day one. I did rather naively think that if I asked a few questions that would be the end of it and hear I am 30 years later still asking questions.

Over the years what has been your biggest achievement?


Finally solving the alien autopsy film and proving it as a hoax. It took me 14 years in total to get to the bottom of it and prove it a fake, but I did.

Can you remember the first UFO case you investigated?


Not really. I am fortunate that when I began UFO investigations in the late 1970’s and into the l980’s we had a lot of UFO sightings in the Yorkshire Dales National Park which is only an hours drive away. It will have been a UFO case there for sure but there were so many I can’t remember which was the first.

4 Have you ever witnessed something unexplained in the night sky?


I saw two lights in the sky on July 23rd l984 over a suburb of Leeds. These were seen by many others that night (9.55 pm) and despite a lengthy investigation we were never able to come up with a rational explanation.

If you wasn't into Ufology what would you have been into?


Astronomy and photography. I was a member of the British Astronomical Association in the 1970’s and have always been a keen photographer.

Could you tell us more about B,U,F,O,R,A?


Not really. The BUFORA I joined is now closed. It has now been re-organised and is internet based only. It has only a few active members. When I left in l997 BUFORA had 1000 members and 100 active UFO investigators. BUFORA is still very much worth joining and it has my full support and I am proud of my achievements there.

What age did you become intrested in ufology and have your own opinions changed?


It was 20 when I became interested. I was a wide-eyed young man full of enthusiasm. I’m now 50 years old and getting more cynical the older I get.

What do you think of people who say they have seen a UFO?


Most are mistaken of course. There are very few actual unidentified cases of any real interest. I think nothing really of the witnesses; they are human beings just like the rest of us who happen to be in the right place at the right time.

What are your thoughts on the Roswell UFO crash 1947?


My thoughts are that it was possibly a man-made vehicle that crashed and that the truth is much more sinister than perhaps imagined. However, those who claim it to be an ET craft have a powerful argument and I would not rule it out.

Where in the world would you say have the largest number of UFO sightings?


The Pennine Hills of Northern England and the Hessdalen Valley of Central Norway. No doubt about that at all.

What are the lights in the sky that appear as stars but flash blue and red when looked at through binoculers? Are these reflections on a star or are we seeing a possble UFO?


No idea, but they are not UFOs. Binoculars are not the best things to look at the heavens with. If I were to hazard a guess I’d say stars.

Do you think that most of the UFO sightings are fake and media hyped?


No, just misidentified natural things.

As you have a few books under your belt from "WITHOUT CONSENT to ALIEN AUTOPSY INQUEST" which book has given you the most joy?


Mysterious Sky – Soviet UFO Phenomenon which I co-authored with Paul Stonehill. It is packed full of UFO information that has largely gone unnoticed in the West. It should be on evertyones list of UFO books to buy.

Is there a ufo case you are working on at the moment you can tell our readers about?


I’ve been writing up a number of cases that passed through my hands during the years. Most of these will possibly be published in Paranormal Magazine in the UK and UFO Magazine in the USA.


What are your plans for the future?


None at the moment. I’m plagued by ill health so everything is on hold. However, if I get myself fit again I have begun a long term study of UFO landing cases in the UK. If anyone has any such cases I would love to hear from them. (


I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the oppertunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside,


It’s my pleasure. Sorry to be so brief but I’m under the weather and have done the best I can for now.

Thanks again for your time
Paranormal The Otherside


paranormal group interviews

paranormal the otherside ...  interviews 

Hi there guys firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today
can you tell us a little about your group and how it came about. ... 
Paranormal Crypt was born and Established in Febuary 2008 and was a 1 girl group, over time it became popular among other websites and had many guests tag along with me on Investigations around the west midlands. Before Paranormal Crypt became born, I was thrown out of a family based Paranormal group over jealously and rivalry over my gift so I started up my own thing and today Paranormal Crypt is growing and growing.
Since then it is now a 2 member group still the Original Owner and my boyfriend Paul who now have taken the UK by storm, we've ventured further into the midlands and am grown more, we study and research and am hoping to further our group in a year or so.

What was the first case you investigated? 

The first case ive first Investigated was my grans house, she had told us that she has been encounter some activity including sightings of a ghostly women passing the kitchen window, plus sightings of a black figure which stands right up against the backdoor, we did capture this "black figure" on camera and was a great investigate.
What was your most DIFFICULT case?

OK this is very hard...My most Difficult case was at the ancient Ram Inn, we caught little but experienced alot and was hard to determine at the time if it was Paranormal Activity, we had things happen and even though I enjoyed the night there but didnt find it to be  "Super" active with Paranormal Activity.
You take a photo at a family reunion, there is mist and an apparition in the background.Only you can see the apparition. How do you explain your findings?

Well firstly not everyone is open to the paranormal which closes their third eye and they find it impossible to see it, Ive come across this where ive found something in a picture but those around me couldnt, I would simply NOT point out the apparition but leave it for those to find it themselves, if they cant see if first hand then will point it out and even if I need to put in through an Negative shot which should help them see it. Sometimes its easier for people to see it for themselves without us showing it to them which will then create an apparition like for example, we got an EVP and we say can you hear the word "Hello" and those listening would hear that word. 
Why do you investigate the paranormal, Are you seeking fame or Are you hoping to prove something is there or isn't?

Well have been Facinated with the Paranormal from an early age, it also helps others understand more of what the Paranorml is about, we all seek one answer and that answer is does life exist after death? and also to prove that it does. Most people seek fame, I only seek that answer. The answer will be answered once our time on earth is up and time to pass on.
Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?

Well being brought up with a Gift of all the senses, I experienced the Paranormal  alot and became terrified to even mention it to my parents, only has I grew up I started to understand and my first ghostly encounter was back when I was a young girl of 5/6.
If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?

Alcatraz is the main place for me to investigate, ive heard upon peoples experiences and know of the terrifle and frightening goings on inside, I would easy get enough Evidence and a alone vigil would be perfect, It would be scary and Paranoia would kick in but then you have Equipment to back up your claims, its always best to Eliminate all you can.
Could you tell us a little about your views on orbs the most talked about phemona as with other differnt groups haven differnt views on this subject?

Most orbs are reflections, dust and insects and I mostly dont believe in them, only those that have a motion blurred tail and a pure white is what I claim to be a proper energy of a spirit has the speed of it, dust cant travel has fast, an insect wouldnt appear to have a tail plus it would have wings and if It was a reflection, or from light source it would be easily spotted has it would be colored and appear transparent. Thats my view on orbs and do eliminate them alot during Investigations.
What are your thoughts on E.V.P.'S?

Electronic Voice Phenomena is one of the best ways to get Evidence of Life after Death, throughout History there has been many cases when people have recorded voices of the dead and have claimed to have "Known" that actual voice recorded to be a loved one, a friend or someone they known. If on Investiagtions and doing an EVP recording, its best to know whos talking, whos around (that location you recording in) but ask questions 1 by 1, not one after another. 

What is your favourite equipment to use on an investigation and what type of evidence have you collected with that equipment?

The best is my sony camera, ive captured too much on it and even Apparitions and "beings" I cant explain. Ive captured pured human like transparent spirits, people peeking out of windows in an closed building and even strange outlines, I always make sure I eliminate my Findings before saying its Paranormal.
Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain whilst being out on loaction?

Well nothing I cant explain but have had lots that I can explain and put forward has an explainable experience. 

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Just that I believe in keeping the Paranormal friendly and that none of us are better then another, we are equal in what we do and seeking fame in this field is very wrong, its not something that you should make money from, after all we're dealing with the dead who we should respect and oone more thing... Always say a pray before entering a Haunted Location. I dont agree that I know everything in this field but just respect what I do.
What are your plans for the future? 

To work together and make the Paranormal a more friendlier place to and to give help to one another and to also grow my Paranormal Team.
Thank you Richie,
Very Apparciated,


paranormal the otherside ...  interviews 

Hi there guys firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today
can you tell us a little about your group and how it came about. ....................

Haunted Realm Paranormal Investigators are a non-profit organisation created for people with a common interest in the Paranormal. The Haunted Realm was established in 1993 and is funded solely by our members, throughout the years we have visited some of the United Kingdoms most haunted locations.

The group came about due to the fact most of us were under the same conclusion that the groups we were in at the time where charging too much for places we didn't think were haunted, so after a meeting we decided to form HRPI and now we try not to follow the same path as other groups do and go to places that charge the earth for places that we believe not to be haunted. We wanted to bring affordable investigations to the general public so that everyone can enjoy our paranormal investigations.
What was the first case you investigated?
This was a nurses uniform suppliers in Redcar, All the members of the investigation team experienced some sort of phenomena at Redcar. One team member during a vigil in the upstairs room saw a face floating in front of hers so when she was asked to draw the face and we showed it to the staff they produced a photograph they had taken in the same room months before and they had captured the same face on their camera
During the investigation an experiment with an ouija board took place and the team went on to find out about a fisherman who had murdered his son and wife and when we checked with the national census we found all the information to be proven true. Strange noises and footsteps were heard throughout the investigation and at one point a beam barrier was set off in the downstairs bathroom when everyone else was accounted for upstairs. Members had the feeling of being watched and a few of them got touched by unseen hands, orbs were captured on camera and during the investigation writing appeared on one of the staffs desks.

What was your most DIFFICULT case?
The Hell Fire Caves West Wycombe: The caves had such an impact on everyone who attended this investigation, we saw people become increasingly ill and have to be taken out of the caves. Whatever was in the caves seemed to be targeting women as it would push, shove and make them feel very ill indeed and often seemed to mesmerize them in such a strange way several of the members found it hard to carry on with this investigation. Shadowy figures were seen by many members and two members had their heads banged into the cave wall during a vigil (not hard enough to cause severe pain or injury). Orbs and strange mists were captured on film and digital camera, also strange noises and voices were heard.
There was also another difficult case the HRPI team encountered it was to be a private house in Rotherham were the family were experiencing very strange paranormal activity which was frightening the whole family. After some investigating into the history of the house we discovered that a family burnt to death in the house and we believed that the paranormal activity was occurring due to this horrific accident. The case was very hard as all of the HRPI team had to approach it with sensitivity and care.

You take a photo at a family reunion, there is mist and an apparition in the background.
Only you can see the apparition. How do you explain your findings? 

I'd check to see if anyone was smoking as this can sometimes can be mistaken for a mist on photos, just like if you breathe out on frosty day and take a picture it looks like one of a thousand pictures you see on American graveyard photos on paranormal websites.

 Why do you investigate the paranormal, Are you seeking fame or Are you hoping to prove something is there or isn't?
(Jon)I have been involved in ghost hunts now for many years, yet I still remain a hardened skeptic and will until I witness definitive proof that ghosts do exist.
(Kirsty) I investigate the Paranormal because from an early age i have had a very deep interest in the subject and always knew this is what i wanted to do with my life. I enjoy conducting paranormal investigations as i love furthering my knowledge on all things paranormal it also gives me a chance to further my mediumistic abilities. 
Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?
(Jon) I used to live with my sister in a house in Sheffeld, were children could be heard singing and playing in the loft space.
(Kirsty) I had lots of Paranormal experiences whilst growing up It started from me talking to invisible people my parents couldn't see I would sit alone and have conversations with different invisible people my parents put it down to imaginary friends but to me these people were very real. 
If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?
(Jon)I would have to say Buckingham Palace, as i'm sure no other group has ever investigated there.
(Kirsty) Mine would have to be Alcatraz Prison in America or the Queen Mary as i have a very deep interest in both of these haunted locations.


Could you tell us a little about your views on orbs the most talked about phemona as with other differnt groups haven differnt views on this subject?
We believe that  99% of orbs are either dust or insects it's the 1% thats interesting to us like the Mystery wedding orb on our website that was sent to us and you can see clearly a face of a man wearing glasses 
What are your thoughts on E.V.P.'S?
We find the subject of electronic voice phenomena fascinating and we have recorded many interesting things like when Kirsty asked out "do you want to go to the light?" which is followed by a short pause and then a voice replies with "help" this is one of the best EVP's that we have recorded.
What is your favourite equipment to use on an investigation and what type of evidence have you collected with that equipment?

(Jon )An Olympus Digital Recorder (see above)

(Kirsty) I would say our video cameras as it is always great to go home after an investigation and find you have captured something you can watch over and over again. I also really like using our voice recorder as we have captured some fascinating EVP's whilst using it.

Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain whilst being out on loaction?

(Jon) The Hell Fire Caves we saw people become increasingly ill and have to be taken out of the caves and people where falling out with each other for no reason.

(Kirsty) I have two actually whilst on an investigation at The Sheffield Lane Top WMC i went into the ladies toilet to freshen up and out of nowhere i heard a man say to me " you alright darlin" it was so out of the blue as i knew no-one else was in there with me but i couldn't help laughing as it was such a shock. The second would also happen in the mens toilets at The Manor Castle Pub in Sheffield several members of HRPI & some of the staff members from the pub were busy investigating when we all heard an extremely loud groaning noise which was that of a man and then all of a sudden the hand dryer came on it frightened us that much we couldn't even get out of the toilet as none of us could manage to open the door!.
Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

(Jon) We hope that everyone in the paranormal world would just get on with each other, i can't really work out why groups are so bitter and nasty towards each other after all we are all after the same goal.

(Kirsty) I would just like to thank everyone who has supported HRPI and has helped us on our paranormal journey, i would also like to thank everyone who has visited the HRPI website and who has contributed to making the website and group a great success. I would also like to thank Richie for asking HRPI to take part in this interview.
To everyone else never give up Ghost Hunting!!!

What are your plans for the future?

(Jon)To bring back The haunted Realm magazine back in a new format and to keep doing what we are doing.

(Kirsty) Well one thing HRPI are aiming for is to help the general public become more aware of the paranormal world and help them to understand the subject more through all different types of medium. We will always be here to help anyone who need us and we will continue to further our knowledge on the paranormal.


paranormal the otherside ...  interviews 


Hi there guys firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today
can you tell us a little about your group and how it came about. ?

Hi Richie

Dead Haunted Nights was originally the idea of former Most Haunted presenter and investigator Phil Whyman, he decided to form a paranormal investigation events company giving members of the general public the opportunity to experience first hand the thrill of a real paranormal more recent years Dead Haunted Nights has progressed to become one of the top events companies of its kind throughout the UK, conducting events on a weekly basis in some of the most renowned haunted locations across the country.DHN consists of myself (Sara Woodward), Tim Wagstaff, several part time team leaders who generously  give their time and of course Phil himself!

What was the first case you investigated?

The first event was conducted at RAF Helmswell in Lincolnshire.

What was your most DIFFICULT case?

As an events company we don’t particularly take on investigation cases, however we have done the occasional private investigation if we have been approached for help.
what are your views on useing psychics whilst out on a investigation ?

Generally we do not have psychics or mediums on our events, we like to try and give our guests their own experience without influence from elsewhere.  We look at things from a grounded logical side so invite our guests to become paranormal investigators for the night, attempting to rule out the rational before assuming the paranormal.However, we do not dismiss the possibility of psychic intuition and welcome anyone to join us who feels they are able to give a spiritual insight into what we do.  We also encourage people to open their minds to the possibility of the supernatural, as having a closed mind can hinder an investigation as much as jumping to ghostly conclusions at the drop of a hat!As we like to try and cater for all tastes we do hold the occasional ‘Dead Haunted Psychic Night’ where we are joined by medium Kevin Crow.

can you tell us about some of your favourite  loactions that dead haunted have invesitgated ?

Ohh there are sooo many! I will try to be brief as possible! Leith hall , Aberdeen – fantastic building set in the rolling Scottish country side, amazing history and includes the ‘hanging tree’ in the grounds, soon to be converted into luxury apartments – tragic.National Coal Mining Museum, West Yorkshire – disused coal mine now turned into a museum, investigating the paranormal 450ft below ground in the pitch darkness – AMAZING!!Peterborough Museum – We always have a good night here it never fails to produce activity, guests have reported several actual sightings whist on events with us here.Galleries of Justice, Nottingham – tons and tons of history and such a diverse building with courtrooms, caves and condemned mans cell! Woodchester Mansion, Gloucester – remarkable gothic building, sadly never completed – the story goes the work men downed tools and fled after an experience so frightening they refused to return!The list goes on but I’ll not bore you with the lot! lol

Could you tell us a little about your views on orbs the most talked about phemona as with other differnt groups haven differnt views on this subject?

I would say majority of ‘orbs’ are either dust, moisture or insects reflecting the light of the camera flash or infrared beam.  There are the occasional anomaly that are more interesting but as a whole I would say they are explainable.

could you tell us why dead haunted is differnt to other paranormal groups ?

We allow our guests to experience a REAL investigation, our team do not take part in any of the physical experiments (glass divination, pendulum etc) leaving all doubt that we are influencing any activity behind.  We would rather our guests experience nothing at all on an night with us than go home thinking we have created scares to entertain them.

What is your favourite equipment to use on an investigation and what type of evidence have you collected with that equipment?

My personal favorite is the dictafone or camcorder.  It is all well and good experiencing paranormal activity but much more of a bonus to actually capture it on a recording device at the same time so you are able to listen/watch back and investigate further.

If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?

There are a few but to name a couple, Waverly Hills Sanatorium in the States as it just looks so huge and menacing and The Tower of London – the torture that occurred there must haveleft its mark!?

Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain whilst being out on loaction?

Quite a few things but in balance with the amount of places I’ve visited it probably sounds miniscule! The most prominent was at RAF Holmpton in Hull, East Yorkshire,  an underground early warning radar bunker which is partly decommissioned and run as a museum now during the day.I was taking a photograph in one of the rooms in the pitch darkness, as I took the picture I saw a man in the camera flash in front of me, he was not aware of our presence but appeared to be walking towards a wall.  As a very sceptical person I still find it hard to come to terms with this experience.

What are your thoughts on E.V.P.'S?

I’m undecided on this one as it is hard to give an opinion on something that human influence cannot be entirely ruled out on.I personally record all my investigations using a dictafone but do this for personal purposes so I can go back and listen to anything I’m not sure about at the time.

what does 2009 hold for dead haunted ?

Well we are almost half way through but we have more new locations up and down the country with a few old favorites thrown in too.We have recently started filming our events and editing down into a short videos in order for guests to watch and preview our venues.

What are your plans for the future?

More of the same, we enjoy what we are doing and do not intend to go anywhere but upwards!
Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

If you investigate the paranormal, stick with it as one day you will hopefully be rewarded with something amazing.  Keep it real and keep it friendly, its not a competition it’s about collaboration and learning from one another…!Oh and do join us on a Dead Haunted event! ;o)
I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside,


You are very welcome!



paranormal the otherside interviews ...


Hi there guys firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today can you tell us a little about your group and how it came about.?

Sandwell Paranormal Research Team were set up in july 2008 to seriousley look into alleged paranormal expereinces within alleged haunted buildings. We use scientific equipment to take readings of enviromentaql variables that may cause paranormal expereinces. The group was originally set up by a group of friends who both shared a interest in the paranormal and it has since taken on new members and we are now like a close little family.

What was the first case you investigated?
Our first ever case we investigated wasback in july 2008 at a location called Smethwick Swimming Centre. The location was built 30th march 1933 and has links to world war to as part of the location was used as an air raid shelter.
What was your most DIFFICULT case?

Our most difficult case has been the recent private house we investigated in worcster, this is puerly because the house was pretty small to get around so in places it was quite cramped.
How did you become involved in ghost hunting?

We all became involved in ghost hunting through a genuine interest in the paranormal. The members of SPRT have all been involved with the paranormal in many different aspects rangeing from ghost tours and ghost walks to paranormal investigations. The best part about it it the friendship we have built as a team over the past year since we were set up.
can you tell us about some of your favourite loactions that s.p.r.t have invesitgated ?
The list of locations we have investigated is huge. But i truely beleive the favourite of the team is deffinatly smethwick swimming centre. Not because of it beeing haunted but due to the uniquness of the location. We have also investigated fort amherst in kent which is a military fort and that place is amazeing.
Also the team have been to the Lawns in Lincoln which is a former mental institution.
Could you tell us a little about your views on orbs the most talked about phemona as with other differnt groups haven differnt views on this subject?
Orbs??????? Well this is one area that is widely misunderstood. The orb phenomina only came about with the invention of digital cameras there is a theory on orbs that suggests that there is a blind spot directly infront of the camera and i beleive its around 1 meter infront of the camera. Digital cameras work in infra-red light so they can only see solid objects. It is beleived that ''orbs'' are mistaken for things such as insect, dust and even water mositure. A great website that describes the orb zone theory in more detail is
What is your favourite equipment to use on an investigation and what type of evidence have you collected with that equipment?
As we progress within the paranormal world and look into new methods we purchase new equipment. One area that is difficult to measure is the classic one dureing glass divination is psychic brezzes. We have a peice of equipment called an air velocity stick that measures air speed i.e draughts. This kit allows us to validate exactly where the brezze is comeing from. With all equipment though i will say that it is only as good as the person that uses it.
If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?

We have the great pendel hill in our sites and are planning an investigation there.
could you tell our readers a little about s.p.r.t  tv ?

Sprt tv is a online channel that is broadcast through the mogulus network and can be found at we host a live brodcast every tuesday at 10pm and there is a chat room also that is open from 9pm where you can speak to the host for the evenings broadcast. The show is about all things paranormal.
as a group What are your thoughts on E.V.P.'S?
Electronic voice phenomina another area that is misuderstood. We use the term ITC i.e instrumental transcommunication for some of our recordings basically EVP is used through a noise source i.e white noise such as t.v's and radios. Where as ITC is through the use of a micro phones such as digital voice recorders. EVP as its more regularly know is another for of spirit communication and its beleived a spirit can communicate through such instruments such as tv's, radios, voice recorders and video cameras.
Over the years what has been your biggest achievement?

I would say our biggest achievement over the past year has to be the massive £9,400 we helped to raise at the fright nights charity event for anthony nolan trust and also the kerrag radio interview.
Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?
I would like he readers to please show there support and visit our website and join the various groups such as the facebook group.
What are your plans for the future?
Our plans for the future include fresh and bigger locations more public events and even possibly an appearance on TV which is currently in the pipelines.






Paranormal radio interviews

paranormal the otherside ...  interviews 


Hi there guys firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today can you tell us a little about White Noise Paranormal Radio and how it came about. ?

Airing for two hours every Friday night at 10pm (GMT), White Noise Paranormal Radio brings members of the paranormal, scientific, sceptic and spiritual community “on air” to talk about their work, their issues and the latest developments within the paranormal community.

White Noise Paranormal Radio was the brainchild of two members of the Famously Haunted board, authors Jason Day & Kelly McKenzie who, noticing a lack of unbiased presentation within the paranormal, spiritual and scientific community, decided to provide an audio forum for all points of view to be aired.

White Noise Paranormal Radio is now in it's second season, we commenced broadcasting in August 2008 and we're returning this week from an 8 week break where the team took a very well earned rest.

  Can you tell us how you became involved with the paranormal ?
Both Jason & myself have been researching elements of the paranormal since we were teenagers – we were both very into reading as kids, so Harry Price, Peter Underwood and Maurice Grosse were instrumental in fueling our interest in the subject. Over the past 10 years we've both been investigating in the field and increasing and expanding our theoretic knowledge on the paranormal. I think one of the most important things for anyone interested in the field, is a commitment to expanding your knowledge wherever possible.

Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?
Like most people involved in this field, there are certain things I saw, heard, felt and experienced as a child that, looking back, could possibly be paranormal in nature. The only one that comes to mind is a conversation with a little boy in 19th century clothing at Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney, Australia when I was four.

Jason had an experience that he could not explain when he was 17, a man in council workers clothing who disappeared into thin air on Quibell Park Road in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire near the Crematorium.

Could you tell us a little about your views on orbs the most talked about phenomena as with other groups have different views on this subject?

Orbs – 99% are dust, moisture & insects masquerading as something paranormal?
The great orb debate will most likely NEVER be silenced, there are those who are certain that they are the first stage of a spirit manifestation (a theory expounded, extolled and exhausted by Most Haunted) and there are those that simply say they are bunk.

I have no real confidence in the theories that Orbs are anything other than light refracting off of particulates in the air. Nothing has been produced to date that can scientifically back the claims made that Orbs are anything to do with spirits or the paranormal.

How do we tune into White Noise paranormal radio and get involved?
White Noise Paranormal Radio is hosted on the BlogTalkRadio network and available in o ver 187 countries worldwide. To listen to the show just log onto the show page on BlogTalkRadio every Friday night at 10pm (London time) 5pm (USA Eastern), 2pm (USA Pacific) and Saturday 8am (Sydney Time).
The show also has it's own forum where you can find information on guests, theories, competitions, conversations (and debates!) and information on just about anything that falls under the banner of 'paranormal' – from Anomalies to Zooforms and everything in between.

What is the most popular topic people email you about?
The thing we get asked about the most is the Derek Acorah interview we conducted on 6th March 2009 – sadly, for legal reasons it's not something we can actually talk about.

Can you tell us about the first interview you ever did ?
Ah, memories – the first show we did we had Richard O'Connor (incidentally he's our guest this week for our return to live broadcasting), Ray Jorden and Richa rd Felix on the show.
Richard O'Connor from Swadlincote Paranormal is a fantastic researcher but his phone line kept cutting out and we lost him half way through the show. Richard Felix had double booked us for the night so he was a no show and if Ray hadn't have shown up we would have been talking to ourselves all night. It was baptism by fire; anything that could go wrong...DID!

We had fun, the guests had fun and in the end we made it through the whole 2 hours with most of our listeners still hanging in there with us – we don't know if that makes them brave or silly! lol

If you could interview any one who would it be and why ?
We've been lucky enough to tick quite a few of the 'Most Wanted' off our list over the last year, James Randi, Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe, Derek Acorah, Nick Pope, Jason Karl, Richard Felix, Mark Webb, Ian Lawman etc.

There are naturally some people that for obvious reasons we would like to have interviewed but time was against us, Harry Price, Hans Holzer, =0 AMaurice Grosse.

If we could get anyone on air at the moment, we'd love to interview Peter Underwood and Lorraine Warren about their work within the paranormal field.

How is White Noise paranormal radio different to other paranormal radio shows?
White Noise Paranormal Radio has always operated on the premise that the listener comes first.
Our interactive chat room is fundamental to the success of the show, our guests are asked questions by the listeners in real time and if the question is posted in the chat room, then we'll ask it.
Not every guest wants to answer the listeners questions and to be honest, we don't always agree with the question being asked by the listener...but we vigorously defend their right to ask it.

We also try (and it's not always easy) to keep our own agendas out of the que stioning when interviewing a guest; we make the question spectrum broad and try and ensure that both sides of any possible subject (the pros and cons) are given adequate airtime. I think our attempts at balanced interviewing is what keeps listeners coming back to the show week after week and has allowed us to access some truly exceptional guests over the past year.

The entire team is committed to quality, that extends to everything from the intensive research into our guests, the content on the forum and the show itself. I think it's this long term commitment to ensuring that the listener receives quality on all levels from White Noise that makes a real difference.

What has been White Noise Paranormal Radio biggest achievment ?

I think that if we're honest we have to admit that the Acorah interview on 6th March was both our biggest achievement and our biggest headache to date. Anyone who listened to the interview knows that the media terms 'world exclusive' and 'expose' are not too strong to use when referring to it (which is now all we're legally allowed to do).
That particular interview pushed some serious buttons with select members of the television community and they reacted (retaliated) accordingly with legal threats and censorship attempts.
That so small a paranormal radio show could have caused such an enormous uproar was mildly gratifying and more than a little humorous.

We've also had more than one world exclusive on the show; in our interview with James Randi he announced for the first time ever that the JREF Million Dollar Challenge would be extended until 2010 and psychic medium Billy Roberts also announced live on air that he would be joining the Most Haunted team.

The fact that the people we interview feel enough rapport with us to divulge this exclusive information is something that is at once extremely gratifying and extremely humbling.

What are your plans for the future?

We're looking to make White Noise Paranormal Radio acces sible to those without internet access in 2010 by taking the show to a terrestrial radio format in the UK and also streaming live online; we're currently working on plans with a Northern UK audio group on this, but (the media world being so fickle) we'll only be making announcements when something has been signed on the dotted line.

Naturally for the show there will be more research, more interviews and more audio hi-jinx – Jason's first book is being released in a few months time so listeners will be hearing all about that, we also have the Phantom Encounter Paranormal Lecture Series coming up on July 11th in Essex ( a program we hope to roll out nationally in 2010 and we'll be working with some national paranormal groups, tour groups and researchers on location for some live broadcasting that may extend your White Noise listening time right into the wee hours of Sunday mornings!
So it pays to stay tuned!

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

White Noise is back on air this Friday night at 10pm (UK) after our eight week vacation. As always we'd love to see you all in the chat room for the show, or logging into the forum to check out the masses of information on the site.

If anyone has questions for the team, or the guests you can always email the team at anytime before the show goes to air or ask in the chat room during the show.

I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside,

Thank you for asking us to participate – I'd almost forgotten how much fun it is being on the other side of the interview process!

Thanks again for your time.
paranormal the otherside ... interviews
Hi there guys firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today

"Your very welcome Richard, its an honour to take part"
can you tell us a little about gamerz radio (pulse talk radio) and how it came about?

Gamerz radio really is the next step for us in broadcasting trying to get to a bigger audience, and was a natural progression from talk radio (pulse talk radio)
Can you tell us how you became involved with the paranormal ?

Wow I have to think back then back even further, really my interest was from a young age maybe 6, when I had weird out of body experiences, but when did I start investigation? Well that was when we started Wightghost AKA pulse paranormal about 5 years ago, after being in love with most haunted we wanted to produce DVD’s of our journeys to the haunted locations on the Isle of Wight
Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?

Lots but im still a skeptic, its hard to make sense of things that happened many many many :D years ago, I suppose the most weird was a night of crazy stuff happening when I was 16, so much happened that night that it would take to long to explain all in text format, I have mentioned it in our pulse talk radio broadcasts, sorry if you want more but to write it down here would not give it justice.
Could you tell us a little about your views on orbs the most talked about phenomena as with other groups have different views on this subject?

I truly believe orbs are light refraction or dust particles very close to the camera, BUT! Here is one we caught on video and I struggle to explain it
How do we tune into and get involved?

Go to at the moment we are running music shows and FCUK radio a joint talk show with reap sow and myself, there is a rumour that pulse talk radio is making a come back I can not deny or agree with this speculation ;~)
What is the most popular topic people email you about?

Originally it was Orbs, then possession, now days the biggest amounts of messages I get revolve around the ghost box.
Can you tell us about the first interview you ever did?

Oh wow let me think. we interviewed so many people on PTR like Phil whyman, Richard Felix and Derek acorah all from most haunted as well as not so well known names maybe the first was Phil whyman who just rang in without any planning lol I wasted three of his mobile phone credits that night, still tickles me, we since met him, what a nub ha-ha joking he’s a nice guy :D
if you could interview any one who would it be and why?

Derren Brown he thinks the same way as me and omg he is so cool
How is gamerz radio different to other paranormal radio shows?

Well we provide 24/7 live feed with all sorts of music and chat show so your not always getting paranormal rammed down your throat, from pulse talk radio point of view we was the first paranormal show to be really broadcast with an  off the cuff and down to earth style, if you checkout other radio shows now they pretty much use our format.
What has been gamerz radio biggest achievement?

Well again speaking from pulse talk radios point of view I guess it had to be the interview with Derek Acorah and the fact he stayed the whole show with us that was well over an hour, very nice guy, yes im a skeptic but that guy single handed put me on the paranormal path
What are your plans for the future?

Watch and see, lots coming up and im working so hard on the new site I cant really announce anything until we are ready to start " ----"?
Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Yes please enjoy the paranormal but don’t take anyone’s word for anything they have experienced, check out things for yourself and remember, the mind is a powerful thing.

Knocker Lee

 Thanks again for your time

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