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Nicky Goldingay

Hi there Nicky  firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and would like to welcome you to, Paranormal The Otherside.

What made you want to become a paranormal investigator?
I grew up in a very open minded family environment especially towards spirit and communication, my mom was a regular on the
Spiritualist church scene . People would come around to the house for readings and she held regular seances at our family home.It wasn't kept hidden from us we would often sit in the arm chair whilst these vigils were taking place (please don't try this in your own homes , I'm not condoning it ) fact as a young child it frightened the living daylights out of me , my twin sister was also sensitive to spirit and would have night visitors ,she'd wake me in the night to tell me they were there,I was just to frightened to take my head from the duvet , i never doubted her , each time it happened i remember thinking the room felt odd as i got older more knowledgeable I've come to understand the changes in the atmosphere that can occur alongside spirit interaction . I hated that fear though and needed to learn more id take my self off to the library on weekends and sit and read books on ghost's n spirits i studied i got more curious and at the age of 13 i was dabbling with ouija boards not on my own with a group of us , the result as you can imagine was emotionally,mentally , physically devastating , i could write a book on that experience alone , the church very discreetly got involved ...that's when my journey of exploration and deep study began .

Can you tell us a little about Tamworth Paranormal Investigators and how it came about?
Tamworth paranormal was originally founded by a guy called Paul and his sister, many moons ago ,i got invited to old  Gresley Old Hall in Swadlincote and from there they asked me to be in their team , i accepted , it was great for a time i have fond memories of the early tpi , but over time things changed , each of us changed and we weren't compatible to each other anymore and so myself and Mick continued to run the team  .. We were in each others lives at the right time for the right reasons , i feel blessed for that , tpi has had many crew members and  we've had amazing times ... I watch many of them with found admiration from afar ... I'm currently running tpi solo whilst Mick has a break but the 11 crew members i have around me are amazing.

Nicky could i ask  Do you feel that you have some kind of a responsibility to help a spirit cross over when you run across them? Is it up to you to "help" them cross "into the Light"? 
I think as an investigator it's important to understand people I believe passing over doesn't change who we are ,a person moves on to other realms with all their personality traits in tact. Understand people you will understand spirit .people in life get stuck in undesirable circumstances obsession ,addiction,attachments to people places,jealously etc they have an unwillingness to change therefore they stay that way until acceptance is sought it's a continuous cycle . Looking at human psychology helps you understand why souls stay earthbound it's their own personality flaws that keep them there so find the emotion that holds them and you can help them find balance . As an investigator I don't conduct soul rescues myself but I have mediums and therapists around me who do . I find the transition very emotional uplifting and beautiful when you experience a soul receiving help it's a working relationship between the medium the soul passed and assisting guides 

Let's talk about Ouija boards. I know they are quite controversial  what do you think about Ouija boards? Portal to the demonic? Toy? Ridiculous?
I think the actual board it's self isn't dangerous. It's marketed as a game .people world wide know the concept behind the Ouija board and that's why it is brought , the intent to communicate with the afterlife . As with any firm of communication it runs risks so you should approach all methods with caution and respect ,you should be in good health and of sound mind and not be in an environment with alcohol or drugs or high stress emotional states . OK so if the board does open doorways's a board how will you truly know who has come forward to communicate, the options are vast it ..potentially it could be a lower realm energy, it could be unconscious elements from one or more of the people around the board, it could be a thought form, a spirit guide, higher parts of yourself (over self) it could be a malevolent energy ,you may contact loved one passed ..get my point if your inexperienced leave well alone , there are so many investigation teams your homework find an experienced team go on investigations get your kicks that way .

Do you think that there are times when the paranormal is more active locally/nationally/globally than others? Conversely, are there times that are much less active?
Many investigators choose the times around 12-3am to be the most active para normally, paranormal activity can accrue at any time through out the day or night. For investigators to come to conclusions of times that are more active then on going experiments need to be conducted,and many factors need to be taken into account ,geographical exploration then needs to be sought for instance where is the spirit realms ? Study into geomagnetic and gravitational fields and geophysical changes or magnetic shifts taking place on earth . Look into the equinoxes and solstices they are alleged to be more para normally active ,also in the mix you need to take into account neurology ,lunar cycles and sun activity ..if you want the answer you have to observe patterns it's a lengthy process ,there are also positive study that geomagnetic activity and disturbance in geomagnetic fields caused by solar and magnetic storms can induce heart attacks,psychiatric admissions interestingly that's were the phase lunatic comes from because certain lunar cycles (moon) have been known to amplify changes in mental behaviour . Also inducing increased blood pressure ,seizures depression anxiety even divide and sudden death so the question isn't so straight forward , I have collected a vast array of study material into this very topic and it's very much on going.

Ther's a lot of jealously regarding Paranormal Events / locations between groups whats you thoughts on this ?
Jealousy is a strong emotion it can bring out so much bitterness and negative vibes ,I generally find it's caused by people who are insecure themselves and they build up mental images and thoughts about others which really covers up their own insecurities  but the reality is we are all different we cannot be compatible to everyone that's life , there are different standards investigators , but what basis do we say one person is a good investigator one is a bad one ..just get on with what you like doing there's enough locations for all to investigate truth is anyone can pay the hire fee on a location and investigate it just gotta sell tickets then to fund it . 

Nicky Where would you say is the most active place you've been to?
I' d have to say a private house i investigated but for confidentiality i can't discuss therefore id say  the moat house in Tamworth because Ive had the pleasure of investigation the location for many many years , its like one big experiment for me which for any investigator is like gold dust ..the building knows me i know it, i laugh because i was told last week its amazing how  I'm there so often Ive become part of its history ..that feels amazing ...its the most active to me because its the location Ive investigated for years on a weekly basis ...I'm blessed for that

If someone is experiencing paranormal activity - what is your advise for them?
Don't panic common sense needs to be a factor , investigate all activity and try to find a natural explanation for it 9/10 there will be .. If it continues and you Carnot find a logical explanation start keeping a diary this enables you to literally record everything ...time,date,weather,humidity,who's in the home , the activity etc etc ..when you are ready to seek advice from someone who works in the field do some research wouldn't just get any plumber to fix your boiler you'd make sure he/she had the experience to carry out the job the same applies when searching for a paranormal investigator or medium ...local spiritualist churches are are good source of information..
The diary will then  help your chosen source of help to see patterns of what may be going on , writing records means that you will be descriptive with words and even when you first talk to your help you may miss mentioning something really important but you may have wrote it down have to be prepared to be open it can become personal and emotional ..spirit trying to interact with us is such a natural progression , the phenomena may have such a simple natural could be something that the individual is simple manifesting themselves  not para normally but normally but they just don't know it ....replace fear with knowledge and then you can begin to understand the mechanisms behind the phenomena ..find the emotions behind it and you can stop it...its important although i appreciate its hard give the phenomena as little attention as possible fear is a natural human emotion the more you emit fear out  the energy will amplify therefore the more energy will gravitate towards it,potentially the more phenomena will occur...

Who are the people that inspire you most.
I haven't got a particular person famous or otherwise..people are inspiring ..i get inspired everyday from the mundane of conversations if i do get inspired from someone i take that inspiration and mold it and make it my own..

What are your plans for the future. 
I don't plan para normally for the future , I'm not passionate about the paranormal to prove the survival of life after the psychical form has gone my own personal philosophy believes it does ,its personal to each individual .. nor to undertake scientific investigations to put evidence forward which would only be ripped to shreds and scrutinised  at every level. I continue to study as i do everyday to help others understand the mechanisms behind phenomena leading to knowledge to eliminate fear then they can take that input and make it their own . I have a few projects that I'm in talks with at the moment (see what happens) I'm also booked with investigations till January 2014 on a commercial event level..i believe everything is always as it should be .

Can i just say that i don't condone the use of ouija boards or taking part in seances or the like if you are not mentally and physically in good health , nor at an age were you are not mature enough to cope with the cause and effects that's such experiments can induce , Ive spoke about such means in my interview ..if you are curious at such a young age like i was then speak to a responsible adult who will help you explore through appropriate channels your desire to seek knowledge ..i will gladly offer a source of help and tuition ..if 16 or under i would ask for ongoing  parental support and consent working together to nurture the curiosity , my team have the appricate crb checks and experience.

Nicky It's been a pleasure and would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview with Paranormal The Otherside.

Mandy Masters

Mandy Masters

Mandy was born in Chadwell St Mary, Essex and still lives close to where she grew up as a child. Mandy was born without arms due to the Thalidomide Drug scandal but as she got older she began to develop an extraordinary gift.She is now well established as a connection with THE SPIRIT WORLD, and has built up an excellent reputation for her accuracy, people travel from all over the country and the world for personal readings and also to see her shows.
Hi there Mandy  firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and would like to welcome you to, Paranormal The Otherside. 
Mandy can you tell us a little about your experiences with the spirit world.
I have always known i was different not because of having no arms but as a child at about 6yrs old i would always hear a voice and it always used to say, YOUR SAFE WE ARE HERE, and it seemed when i felt unsafe or worried about things i would hear that. Then at 14 i went to Lourdes in France and had my first vision of Spirit and that's when it really all started but being young i didn't want it. Every 2yrs Spirit would return and ask if i was ready.

You would prefer to be know as a connector to the Heaven world Is this a gift someone receives, or is it something anyone can develop.
 I feel everyone has a way of working with Spirit or readings or healing, i think mine is a special gift from the higher Gods and i was once told from a Medium that i was given this gift to compensate the loss of my arms but um not sure really about that. All i know is i work differently and it amazes me wot i can do. The most AMAZING thing i do now with Spirit is my Trance work, as time went on i started to feel peoples loved ones would want to talk through me, my tongue started not feeling like mine, odd feeling and i had heard about Transfiguration and Trance work and i said to my Guides i felt i was ready to start on another Spiritual journey and boy i then got told to start gatherings where people could have a 2 hour evening with me where i would allow Spirit to enter my body and my voice would change i also had the 5Th dimension Spirits enter my body and WOW they can tell people many things and omg they know so much and future things too. Seeing me in actions many are stunned, shocked and defiantly AMAZED.

How did you feel when you first spoke with your guides and how you made your first connection with Meadan.
When i finally gave in and allowed Spirit to be around me i was told there would be 5 Guides who will stand behind me wen its time to work, i asked who they would be and i heard THERE'S NO NEED FOR YOU TO KNOW omg i tried my hardest to see them and all i was shown was 5 like monk looking hooded cloack i couldn't see no faces and no hands, but i felt warm and safe. I felt some of them could be relatives. I also at times wen strong advice is needed from above i hear "THE VOICE" he is very very powerful and known to me as the voice, again he will not appear of let me know who is actually is and i totally respect his wishes. Meadan developed wen i started doing circle's and teaching and one day he came in with his clip board full of info about the people and then wen i was asked to do phone readings for the mag i work for Meadan popped up and said I WILL HELP YOU and that's how it became MANDY & MEADAN ON THE ROAD.

Are there people that you have come across that are impossible to read for, or nearly so? If so, why do you think this happens and how do you handle a situation like this.
I've only ever had a few that i have not read for and that's because they have either came to a gathering by force of their family and i get a shield around them and my Guides say they didn't really want to do this or i get told they don't really believe. When i get faced with a non believer i try to give something only they would know or something they have just recently done or spoke about. There's always going to be the sceptic's out there.

Mandy you also work for Take a Break's Fate & Fortune Monthly magazine can you tell us how this all came about.
I've worked for my mag now for 8yrs and they read about me in another mag and asked if i would like to do a piece in their mag and so they asked me to do a reading for 3 people and they couldn't believe all i wanted was the persons name and who they wanted me to connect with in heaven. They asked if i needed to read the letters they sent in or a pic, i said nothing just their names. Well as the first months stories went in the mag my mail bag started flocking in, and people just loved how i worked and connected with Spirit. Then we started MANDY'S WORLD which i adore and so do my followers, and that's all about me and what i do and what i know and many other things. I also done MANDY'S PROBLEM PAGE for a while, once again my Guides said do this so i asked my editor and first she said no but my Guides asked me to ask again and i did and the editor said we will give a months trial and oh boy my mail bag was mega full. Now Ive moved to MANDY & MEADAN ON THE ROAD and I'm so enjoy doing this, so from 1 page to now 3 pages and i love it.

Mandy can you tell us a little about your experience with Thalidomide and how did you cope as a family growing up.
Being born without arms due to the nasty drug THALIDOMIDE well my parent wanted me from day one but was asked if they wanted me put in a home, omg my parents said NO straight away. I am one of 6 children and my parents brought me up no different to the rest, my mum got me using my feet from a early age and i done everything with my feet like you would with your hands. I wanted to be normal and wanted to do everything myself and have. The doctors told my parents that basically i would be a cabbage lol me a cabbage DON'T THINK SO, I'm a survivor in this cruel world and proved many wrong but i had a very strong family who loved me no matter what.

What do you enjoy the most about giving readings and why.
In giving readings i can tell future its been proven many many times now, and my readings are from my heart and from Spirit too. I care about who i read for and wen i've seen babies coming in and the person has had difficulties in falling pregnant and i have predicted a baby and its happened omg wot happiness it brings me.

Do you prefer to work with any particular tools.
I have designed my own 6 cards and i use them in my readings with my crystals that i have my own meanings for, and now people want them and i teach them how to read my way.

Can you tell us a little about your fund raiseing and what the charitys mean to you. 
I love to help others and wen charities need help i'm there, i raffle my readings at my shows and i have wot i call MANDY'S GIFT BOX and if i hear of any disabled children in need of help i get money out of my gift box and give them money to help their needs. My biggest challenge was in 2011 i was asked by my daughter to help a little boy raise money to help him have a operation in America he needed about £45.000 well i thought i know my shows bring in lots of people but not that amount of money. Then as i started to organise my show many wanted to go and OMG i ended up being able to give this little boy £10.000.00 WOW i was over the moon and so was his parents. Every time i can give i get that wonderful feeling inside me that's hard to explain. There one thing no one can ever say that Mandy Masters is in it for the money. I'm proud of my work with Spirit and i'm honoured they chose me to spread the word.

Who are the people that inspire you most.
 I'm stuck on this question who are the people that inspire me most, I would have to say Spirit world inspires me most and have changed my life, i'm not the girl with no arms, i'm now MANDY MASTERS THE EARTH ANGEL.

Do you have any messages you would like to pass on to the public.
My message to the public is BELIEVE WALKING EARTH ANGELS ARE AROUND and i'm one of them. Making that special call to Heaven and giving that proof you have and had a loved one around will prove to you all HEAVEN IS REAL.

What are your plans for the future.
My plans for the future well wot i myself would like is to meet many more people and i would love one day for my very own chat show called MANDY'S WORLD and chat about everything but that's probably never going to happen, and i would love 2 books written about me, one called TWO FEET STANDING and the second MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. ONE MORE THING IS TO ENJOY HAVING MY AMAZING PARENTS AROUND ME FOR MUCH LONGER, BEING WITH MY HUSBAND, MY WONDER DAUGHTERS AND MY HANDSOME GRANDSONS. Life is precious and im a SURVIVOR XXX.


Mandy Masters a truly amazing Clairvoyant ~ Psychic ~ Medium ~ Seeing is believing! From Tarot Readings to Clairvoyance Shows MANDY MASTERS is the only name you need to remember!

Mandy It's been a pleasure and would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview with Paranormal The otherside.



Jacky Newcomb

Multi-Award Winning, Sunday Times Best Selling Author, Presenter, Columnist, Radio and TV Expert/Agony Aunt. Jacky is also a paranormal experiences expert specialising in angels and the afterlife.

Hi there Jacky firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and would like to welcome you to Paranormal The Otherside. 

When did you first become interested/investigating the angel phenomenon?
Iíve always been fascinated with the paranormal. My favourite show as a child was Randal and Hopkirk; the story of one man and his dead friend who appeared to him as a ghost! I became interested in angels specifically after watching the Angel author Diana Cooper talk about her own angel experiences on TV. The show awakened something in me and I recalled various experiences of my own. After that I was like a woman possessed and spent hours researching the phenomenon!

Did you have any  psychic or paranormal  experiences as a child ?
Numerous. I remember once seeing a white shape float along our landing; I was convinced it must by my sister dressed up in a sheet but she was fast asleep in bed! I also have memories of alien abduction...but that is a whole other book! (Maybe Iíll write it one day).

What's your view of the afterlife?
After death our spirit lives on, moving into a new dimension. What we consider the afterlife (or heaven) is just one aspect of this. I have written about various peopleís experiences in numerous of my books.

Over the years what would you say has been your biggest achievement to date ?
I am most proud of my best selling books and the response from the public to my work. When people write and tell me how much my books have helped them with their grieving or that the books have saved their lives, well that is very humbling indeed.

Can you tell us how  Angel Lady Ltd  came about?
Angel Lady ltd is the company we (my husband and I) set up to encompass all of the work that I do under that name. I write books; Iím a columnist; I write articles; produce meditation CDís and workshop CDís. Iíve also produced angel cards; given talks and run workshops as well as meditation sessions. I am regularly interviewed in the national press and various magazines as well as appearing on radio stations around the world. Oh and I do quite a bit of television; most recently talking about ghosts with Peter Andrť!

You've appeared on several chat shows including Lorraine Kelly, Gabby Logan and several times on ITV's This Morning if you had your very own chat show who would be your 3 special guests and why?
Great question! Iíd love my own chat show ...that would be my perfect type of television show. I donít have specific people that Iíd like to work with but it would be anyone whoíd had paranormal experiences of any kind.

You have  interviewed several well known names (ie Frank Bruno), as well as interviewing members of the public if you could interview any one past or present who would it be and why?
Frank Bruno was a hoot Ė such a funny man. We worked together at a ghost hunt but he was scared of ghosts. It made it a very funny evening! Mmm let me see; perhaps princess Diana and Michael Jackson...he appeared to me in a dream once so there is a connection there already.

Your accomplishments are truly impressive and include being a best-selling author, presenter,  and columnist.  Does this leave much time for any hobbies ?
Thank you! I love what I do so it doesn'tít seem like a job really. I love fashion jewellery Ė I have lots of pieces that fans have made for me; and I love anything that is sparkly so youíll always see me armed with a tube of glue and some sparkly stones to  bling up everything that is stationary! I also spend a lot of time with my family and my sisters in particular; like most women we go shopping and spend hours chatting over a cup of coffee!

Jacky it  seems you have written several books can i ask  which book has given you the most enjoyment in doing?
Well right now I have 13 published books with another out this year and book number 15 will be published in January. I guess my favourite book is always the one I am currently working on but I do have a soft spot for my illustrated book ĎAngel Secretsí. The publishers perfectly interpreted my vision.

Youíve worked with many well known names is there anyone who you would really like to work with and why?
Well I always wanted to work with Peter Andrť and Iíve done that now!

You sign autographs alongside a little stick-figure angel which was shown to you in a dream can you tell us a little about this.
I believe the angel figure signature was brought to me by my angels in a dream Ė the image they showed me originally was a little skinner than the found-faced smiley angel that I have now adopted. It originally was shown to me with the words Ďlots of love Angelí but I thought that made it look like ĎIí was an angel and Iím not! I always sign-off ĎAngel Blessings Jacky Newcombí; so I have adapted what I originally saw in the dream. Two people have had the little angel tattooed on their bodies so itís clearly made an impression!

What are your plans for the future?
Lots more books; some on different subjects (Iím working on a book about clutter clearing for example). I would love to do more television so letís wait and see.

And finally, who are the people that inspire you most?
That would have to be my fans. I run a twitter and Facebook page and people write to me from all over the world. They are very loyal and some buy literally everything I write. Their feedback is the biggest inspiration anyone could wish for. They are amazing.

Jacky Newcomb

Multi-Award Winning, Sunday Times Best Selling Author, Presenter, Columnist, Radio and TV Expert/Agony Aunt. Jacky is also a paranormal experiences expert specialising in angels and the afterlife. For more information:

Ray Jorden

"TV Presenter & TV Ghosthunter"
"Lead Investigator as seen on ITV's TV series The Paranormal 5"
"Columnist for Haunted Magazine and Author"
"Lead Investigator for Award Winning UK5 Paranormal"
"Radio Broadcaster (Various shows)"
"National Spiritual Connexctions Awards Winner 2008 & IPAA Awards Winner 2009"

Hi there Ray firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and would like to welcome you to Paranormal The Otherside.

When did you first become involved in the paranormal and why ?
It all started at a very young age about 5/6 at my grandfathers house where my sisters and my cousins and I use to look for ghosts in the basement of the very large house my grandfather had. We use to look in mirrors hoping to see something behind us with just a candle for light, this we know now as scrying. So my interest grew from there in quite a rapid way, reading books in secret never telling my parents in case they thought I was very odd, and that was the start of a long life and continuing passion in to the paranormal.
Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain whilst being out on loaction?
There has been many many things I have been able to put logic too, to explain something strange while out on location, but there are things that I have not and still have not been able to explain as much as I try to convince myself that I can explain it, such as voices out of no where, knives being throw to name but a few. I have tried but no explantion can be put on to these experiences.

 Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?
Yes I did but I guess I did not take a lot of thought about them at the time, I saw my grandmother who died six months prior to me seeing her at the kitchen window looking at me, thing was I knew she had died but couldnt not understand why she was looking at me. I also use to see a face in the wall on the house opposite my parents house, and things moving, bizarre sounds.

 Can you tell us about some of your favourite loactions that you have investigated ?
I do not think I can actually pin point one specific location as every location that I have visited have been so special to me, I feel its a big privilage to get the chance to investigate these locations, some of which other people do not get the chance to.
If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?
I am a huge fan of Los Angeles and Hollywood because of the movie history and the supposed hauntings of many famous and infamous people and stunning old school locations linked to these people and the movie business would be my dream to investigate.
What can you tell us about Ghostly whispers and how this all came about also how can our viwers get hold of a copy ?
Ghostly Whispers - Ray Jorden interviews is a collection of interviews I did over two years with Ghost Voices Magazine, this can be found on Amazon.
Ray you where askd to present live on stage during ian lawmans buried alive charity event at dudley castle i myself like many others wasnt ther can u tell us a little about the eveing and what you got up to ?
Ian Lawman is my best friend and he asked me to present on stage on the final night of his Buried Alive charity event for the Blue Lamp Foundation. As many people know Ian was Buried Alive for 7 days, with a nightly chat with Ian via web cam, where people could ask him questions. I was lucky enough to be in daily private communication with him. On the final night I was on stage presenting to the audience, interviewing people involved in the event and also his wife Julie, giving a live commentary to those who were watching from home as it was brodacast on the internet worldwide. It was one of the most dramatic, inspiring and fantastic jobs I have ever been involved in, needless to say I was so proud of my best friend.
Can you tell us a little about haunted 911 radio show and how it all came about. ?
During and after our TV series ITV's The Paranormal 5, Wayne one of the co stars and I had talked about a comedy paranormal radio show so we did just that, we interviewed many well known and unknown names in the paranormal, played amazing music from unsigned music talents and had so much fun, it was a total pleasure and joy to do it for the two years we ran, but never say never we could be back!!!

Could  you tell us about you joint project with tv polari screamers with mostahunteds demonologist fred batt?
Yes of course, I wrote a TV series called Screamers and I approached a TV Production Company called TV Polari, we had a meeting and they fell in love with it, few meetings later and we filmed in a location in Surrey. Most Haunted's Fred Batt was a friend of the production company and seemed an amazing choice to be my co star and we have since become good friends. Screamers was about taking a group of random people ghost hunting at a haunted location somewhere in the UK, My other co star and presenter Charlotte and I arrived at the location by Limo, no knowing where we were going until we opened an evenlope and travelled to the location.

Ray your very much at home in front of the camera can you tell us some of the things that happen behind the camera any funny stories ?
As many people who know me know I adore comedy and I have a habbit of not being able to control my giggles or laughter, sometimes I will get a fit of the giggles and laugh at the most random thing, if I am working with a crew, you  can bet there will be someone who will have the same humour level and who would also set me off. I think I have been caught a few times during test scenes dancing and the odd face pulling, but on the whole I think I hold it together well (he says)

 Also you have worked with many well known names is ther any one you would like to work with and why ?
I have to be honest and say I have worked with some amazing people and I have to say that everyone I get the chance to work with is a total pleasure and honour to work with, I do have a list of names I have yet to work with but for now I will keep that to myself.

And finally, who are the people that inspire you most?
I get inspired by everyone, people who have drive and passion for reaching their goals and dreams, anything and everythign is totally possible with self belief and hard work.

Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you Ray  for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview with Paranormal The otherside

Medium Heather Black

A Natural Clairvoyant,Medium,Psychic, Healer. I also have the ability to find lost /missing people. I can also tune in to Animals personalities and people via photos, i see, sense auras. Angel Cards and Tarot Reader ,numerologist ,Domino's ,Ink reader,And Dream interpreter

Hi there Heather firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and would like to welcome you to Paranormal The Otherside.


When did you first discover  your  ability  of  mediumship?
I discovered i had the ability from a very young child.

Are you the only medium in your family Heather ?
My Mother was a Healer like me, but didn't know how to use her ability , her intuition was very strong but she never believed in the after life or clairvoyance. I found out years later that my grandmother was Clairvoyant , but it is was a very taboo subject in her day, none of my Siblings have the ability of clairvoyant, Medium ship , Psychic , or Healing ability's like me .

What's your view of the afterlife?
I have been to the other side several times , so i know there is an afterlife.

What has been your strangest experience as a medium to date ?
i would not call it strange as it is second nature to me, but my experiences always amaze me with Spirit communication and evidence, as now i have the ability to give evidence internationally over a computer of what the people look like that i have never spoken to or met before, , and tell them things that have happened to them past , present and future, transfer Absent healing world wide from behind a computer to people with or without a picture and it works. Read Orbs, Auras, an can pick up on thoughts on Animals if they are lost or sick. My own father coming through communicating to me to save my life and my children's. My Television changing channels over , my kettle turning its self on and off, when spirit are near.

Do you know how long people stay in the spirit world before they move on?
people in the Spirit world choose when they want to be reincarnated , some don't wish too.I have been to the other side several times , so i know there is a n afterlife.

Do you have to belong to any particular religion to be in contact with the other side?
No You Don't Have To Be Religious to communicate with the other side, an open mind helps though.

Please can you tell us a little about your experiences whilst growing up? My Experiences were having the ability's to have premonitions, of events that were going to happen, twins towers disaster i saw when i was 18yrs of age, . Princess Diana's death the night before , Steve Irwin 3 weeks before his death, I shared the information and evidence given to me to a family member, to a women named Cerie Pearce, Beverley Edwardson this was documented down, A Lady on The Social net work face book Alison smith , her son was missing for several weeks , she got in touch, and i told her the vision of a young man i could see, she said yes, that is my son, i explained i could see the areas where he had been and the vision of where he was and who he was with, she passed on the information i gave her to the police and they found him where i had said with the other person mentioned .I worked as a Admin for a bereavement centre based in London , and the lady who ran it Lyn booker , i found her son's Murder through promote viewing , who was on the run for 9 yrs, she past the information to her local police and they found him where i had said the next day. a lady also on the social net work Angela Gerrelli , her friends dad who died no one knew where he was buried,I gave her the friends name first that i could pick up on through spirit communication and information to where she could find his dad , after following the advice i given her, she found her friends dad where he was buried.

Can u tell me what being a medium means to you?
I personally Love my work which i do voluntary ,( classed as Mental Medium and Healer.)- Medium ship, Psychic, promote viewing Clairvoyant, and Healing is what my work involves, ( I use all these ability's so that i can give people . Evidence of survival after death pr , share insight, give enlightenment , upliftment Couragement bring them comfort & Contentment, and most importantly relief . Via my work every one of them has kindly stated i i bring all the above to them, they all call me their (Angel) which is very nice,through sharing my own experiences, and the evidence an proof through spirit communication , i feel has brought them joy , Hope, faith, an open mind and a better understanding about them selves and others ,The life after and This personally has given me Great satisfaction also more compassion , empathy and understanding of humanity, the world around us and beyond our Physical existence.

Which other mediums do you hold in high regard?
Doris Stokes, Tony Stockwell,whom i had the pleasure to meet, Colin Fry, had the pleasure to be on his live show. David Well's ,who i will be meeting  this year, Barrie John , who i met while on a paranormal event- which took place at the old ragged school London. James van praagh who i would love to meet and do Psychic Detective work with

Can you only communicate with the recently departed, or can you get messages from those who have died long ago, or with well-known figures?  I can Communicated with Spirit from any era. I have only had the pleasure of communicating with one well known person so far....Doris Stokes, she sometimes works with me.

Over the years what's has been your biggest achievement?
All voluntary work, an Admin for a Bereavement Group in a centre based in London, ,A Development Circle i set up for beginners to Coach Them on Medium ship,Psychic work. Helping others through my Promote viewing and Psychic work find missing people and Crime that was committed .Running my own support groups via Internet , Absent healing. Raising my own three children and giving them support with their own children. And Most of all giving Love, support ,comfort to others and evidence of life after.

In a field full of frauds and pretenders what would you advise to a person looking for advice from a psychic medium?
always listen to your own intuition , see if you can have an understanding of what may be the cause of your worries or situation/s ,try solving problems either your self or with your own partner ,family or friends, Seek advice through your own GP or support net work, but if all else fails and you do seek for a reading , then research , looking into their reputation , Do not give them any information as a true Psychic or Medium do not require this. never hand over money until you a full satisfied .

Do you have any messages you would like to pass on to the public?
Always find love and compassion in your Hearts , Most of all always Love your selves as life is to short ,Try to give support no matter how little, never be afraid to live your lives how you want it to be. Love and Light to you all .Awaken to the potential for greatness you have within you, forgive yourself and others and let go of destructive emotions like guilt, blame and fear. This is a time for renewal and rebirth. The past has gone. The time is NOW. You are an immensely powerful person. Recognise the strength you have within . Love and Light Medium heather Black..

What are your plans for the future?
plans for future I would like to do Psychic Detective work to help the Public to find missing loved ones,continue to give evidence and support to the public through any way possible and Healing.

And finally, who are the people that inspire you most?
My Father in Spirit In Spires me the Most , he works very closely with me and protects me and my children, He is My Saviour, He Actually communicated to me on the day we buried him and always lets me know he is around, He likes to play a joke on me too , always hides my keys, bless , My mother who gives me strength and lots of encouragement and Symbolic signs and meaning's from the other side. My Guides and Angels who have never let me down with evidence they have shared with me to give to others as proof of survival .

Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview with Paranormal The otherside

I Would like to thank you and the paranormal team for this great opportunity for allowing me to do this interview with you all and to share my experiences and my life/ work.Love and Light Medium heather Black

feal free to contact me via or my fb page Medium Heather Black

Paranormal Magazine


Paranormal magazine delves into the dark world of ghosts, UFOs, strange creatures, weird phenomena, folklore and magick.Millions of people have experienced the uncanny, the mysterious, the inexplicable or the mystical in their lives, but you do not need to ďbelieveĒ in the paranormal to enjoy Paranormal Magazine. If you possess an open mind and are curious about the world around you, this is the magazine for you.Engaging, intriguing, fascinating, sometimes startling and sometimes scaryParanormal magazine never fails to entertain with its down to earth approach to some way-out subjects.

Expect the unexpected with Paranormal magazine.

Hi there paranormal magazine  firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and would like to welcome you to paranormal the otherside. 
Can you tell us a little about your magazine and how it came about?

 Paranormal Magazine is dedicated to informing its readers about at least some of the huge range of paranormal and supernatural phenomena that exist. We do this on the basis that we do not require to justify everything that we say, it is up to the debunkers to prove us wrong. 
What is the most popular topic people email you about?

Mainly apparitions and hauntings they have experienced....often just to unload their fears about what they have seen. If anyone reading this feels they have something to contribute to the magazine in the form of an article feel free to get in touch 
Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?

 Yes, several, and from a very early age too, the first being at age three or there about when I watched an entity (dressed in green with folded arms) looking at me as I lay in my cot, that's how long ago it was and it seems like yesterday. The image are that clear and sharp. I was not afraid of it becasuse it was not a threat, it wasa just looking.

If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?

 I would love to have investigated Borley Rectory because of its pivotal role, and also the reports about Woodchester Mansion. I know two people who were there when the most astomishing series of phenoemena occurred, this was when an episode of the TV show, 'The Worlds Scariest Places' was being filmed. We covered this in an issue of the magazine, the item was written by one of the people who was there, it was astonishing and not a little alarming.
  Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain?

 Time and again, I am a paid up investigator of paranormal and UFO related phenomena: In my opinion there is NO difference between the two and in nearly 90% of case I have investigated people who have experienced either phenomenon will also have encountered the other. I have also come to the conclusion that if we are visited by non-human ET entites they do not originate in this universe, they cannot because the Periodic Table does not allow it. I have experienced poltergeist phenomena and possession at first hand and also had entites manifest attached to these investigations appear in my home, it's called 'contagion'. The most recent was last year when I was completing The Dark Messiah. In both cases I had to cleanse my home and fortunately the entites left, but they don't have to.
Over the years what's has been your biggest achievement?

 Discovering what I believe to be 'The Rosslyn Frequency'. In my opinion this frequency (plus red light) should open a portal in the north east corner of the chapel, yes, really!
As you have a few books under your belt from 'The View From the Abyss'   to 'The Dark Messiah, Magick, Gnosis and Religion'  which book has given you the most joy ?

 I suppose that would be 'Rosslyn, Between two Worlds' followed by 'The Hole in The Sky'. But each book I have written has been spawned by what I discovered in the preceeding book, (eight so far with another one being written when the magazine permits). They acted as a kind of catharsis that allowed me to probe areas not normally looked at. 'The Heretics' and 'The Dark Messiah' were written to allow me to examine religion as a magickal process. I learned a lot about the lies and hypocrisy that are part and parcel of religious dogma.
If you could interview any one for you magazine dead or alive who would it be and why?

The last of the great mages: The ritual magicians Aleister Crowley for very obvious reasons and Kenneth Grant for the same reasons. I would also like to have interviewed Austin Osman Spare because I have a fascination for Chaos Magick and he was one of the greatest...and it works too! Oh yes it does!! Oh, and not forgetting Graham Hancock for his experiments with the hallucinogen dimethyltryptamine (DMT). This one way of stepping outside of our version of reality and seeing what is really there.
you have been fortunate enough to contribute, both as a guest and a consultant, to many TV documentaries which TV documentaries has given you the most joy ?

When I wrote a script for a documentary about HP Lovecraft and also when I made The Rosslyn Frequency DVD. In fact as you say, I have written several scripts for documentaries and each has been very satisfying in one way or another. I wrote one about Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) and his relationship with Alice Liddell who was the basis for Alice of 'Alice in Wonderland' fame. That one uncovered some really fascinating insights into the mind of the writer...there are a lot of unsuspected gnostic, magickal and mystical aspects to that story
What are your plans for the future?

To keep on editing Paranorma and looking into the often frustrating but intensely satisfying world of thr supernatural. I also intend to return to Rosslyn to make another attempt at openng the 'portal' I am convinced is in there.
 Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

 Ignore the liars, deniers and dubunkers, you know who they spite of their arid, sarcastic and malicious comments all wrapped up in a plausible scientifc mantle, the paranormal carries on manifesting despite them.

 I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside,

Lee Roberts

Paranormal Investigator, TV Presenter, Writer and Ghost Host
Lee Roberts  A paranormal Investigator that has researched 100's of locations up and down the UK. he owns his own paranormal events company Haunted Events UK. he Write,s Regularly for Mindscape Magazine also Resident Paranormal expert on the Mindscape TV Show (Channel 201 Sky)

Hi there lee firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and welcome to paranormal the otherside.

The interview was a joy and if I can help any time in the future give me a shout. ;)

 can you tell us a little about Haunted Events UK and how it came about. ?

Haunted Events UK is something I have wanted to do for some time, our first official event was on 16th October 2010 after months of hard work building a team and getting the right venues.I used to run a private team and hold public events for the fundraising side to fund our locations and to help maintain the equipment, I fell I love with it and knew at some point that is what I wanted to do. There was a lot of obstacles put in my way but I stuck at it and finally got the business up and running.I love meeting the public and helping them understand the paranormal and helping them look at both the spiritual side and the scientific aspect of the investigations. My aim for Haunted Events UK is to give the customer the complete paranormal experience.

What was the first case you investigated?

The first location I investigated was the Palace theatre in Mansfield, we were asked to go in there and help them as they had been having strange activity there for a while. The most famous case there is the strange yellow boots that walk across the stage on their own!We didnít see those on the night but got some great results. Looking back know it was clear we were all new to this and were running round like headless chickens and jumping at everything that made a noise. Iíd like to go back there some time to see what we can find.

Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?

Loads! I was always hearing and seeing things in my parentsí house, my first experience was seeing a small child of about 6-8 years old sat at the top of my parents stairs, I can remember that so clearly and always tell that story when my family ask about it. I grew out of seeing things though and concentrated on investigating them as I got older. While other kids were playing army on the playground I was playing ghostbusters.I also remember going on a school trip to Newstead Abbey when I was 9 years old and being told all the ghost stories. I came back and filled a whole school book about my experience there and how good I thought it was.

Could you tell us a little about TAPIT ?

 TAPIT (The Ashfield Paranormal investigation Team) was a team I started back in 2006, it was made up of family members and friends, we set out going to local pubs, clubs and manors to try and gain entry to investigate the paranormal, it soon came apparent that this after work hobby was much bigger than we all expected. The most famous investigation we did as a team was at the Clifton Hall in Nottinghamshire which was in all the press in 2008 for the first £5 million mansion to be repossessed after the owner up and left, this was after we spend a whole year investigating the property and trying to get to the bottom of his claims. I was whisked off to all corners of the UK after that to be interviewed about my time there and it was labeled the UKís version of the Amityville!TAPIT are still going strong today run by my brother in law Paul Nunn who took over after I left to pursue other avenues in 2009.

You are a Resident Paranormal expert on the Mindscape TV Show how did this come about ?

 I wrote for the HAUNTED Magazine from October 2009 until April 2011, during that time I met a guy named Philip Gardiner who is a film and TV producer and has made films such as ĎThe Stoneí and ĎParanormal Haunting Ė Curse of the Blue Moon Inní he saw my work with HAUNTED and offered me a slot on the TV show as well as a regular column in the new MINDSCAPE magazine (issue no 1 out 23rd June J) Mindscape is under the same umbrella as Paranormal Magazine and UFO Matrix, so big things expected.The show is a little off the wall and be a little crazy at times, but that is the angle of the whole Mindscape thing, something very different to what has been done before. My segment is very much looking at a topic and stripping it down to the bare bones and getting different opinions on that topic.

You also Write Regularly for Mindscape Magazine and Silent Voices can you tell us what sort of things you write about ?

The two magazines couldnít really be any different. Silent Voices is very spiritual and my role there is to look at Ghost Hunts and review them as well as the locations, I try and give the readers an insight to the venue and to what ghost hunts are like there not only with Haunted Events UK but others too.Mindscape on the other hand is a little more my opinion and thoughts on the paranormal world today, I use Mindscape to speak to the readers about issues that might not be brought up in any other magazine, I try not to hold back and I say it how it is. The paranormal world can be fun and a great experience if taken in the correct context so I try and get that across in Mindscape.

If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?

My dream would be to go and investigate the Amityville house in the US just because of all the hype and media surrounding it at the time, I Ďd love to try and solve that one, but if it was in the UK Iíd say Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire, this is where it all started for me and would love to get that place locked down and have a good night in there.

Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain whilst being out on location?

Yes. A few things over the years, a plank of wood being thrown at me at Inveraray jail in Scotland when there was only Paul Nunn and myself in the cell, the camera was on him and the plank came towards meÖ so who throw it??
Also at Clifton Hall, I have a list as long as my arm of things that happened in that place that I just canít get my head around, I have wrote about some of the activity in HAUNTED and also in Silent Voices but that place was truly amazing.  Donít get me wrong I can explain 9/10 things that happen but it is the odd few times that keeps me going.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite locations that you have investigated ?

I have been really lucky to have investigated some amazing locations over the years, Clifton Hall obviously stands out, I donít need to explain why. Also my favorite for 2010 was RAF Holmpton, great location set 80 feet below ground. Morecambe Winter Gardens  is always a good investigation but my current Favorite is Wollaton Hall in Nottinghamshire, Haunted Events UK have exclusive rights to the hall that was built in the 1500ís and we are also holding our Halloween special there on 29th October, 5 floors of spooky rooms including a dark disused cellar, what more do you want? To make it extra special the new Batman movie ĎDark Knight Risingí is being filmed there in July so that will hit a new market for me with all the batman fans.

What are your plans for the future?

Lots of projects coming up for the future including a couple of new TV projects which look great, I am also starting work with the Sixsense Academy in October to run Paranormal Investigators courses for them in Liverpool and they also have other courses which are available in Ireland, Sweden, Spain, USA and now even cruises.Iím looking forward to the expanding of Haunted Events UK with some great teams coming on board to run events and also the launch of Mindscape Magazine in a few weeks.Most of all getting out there and meeting the great ghost hunters that pay to attend our events.

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

OK, a bit of a teaser for you and also a first, there is a new TV program coming soon which I have been asked to work on, it looks absolutely amazing and if you are missing Most Haunted donít worry, the next generation are coming and YOU can be part of inÖ More coming soon, but keep looking at plus the Facebook page and Twitter account. Donít forget you heard it here first.

Personel Website -
Owner of Haunted Events UK -



Haunted Magazine

Hi there haunted magazine  firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and would like to welcome you to paranormal the otherside.

Thanks, it's a pleasure to be asked to participate.
Firstly, can you tell us a little about your magazine and how it came about?

Haunted is a bi-monthly lifestyle paranormal magazine, available in selected W H Smiths and selected newsagents all over the UK. Also exported and distributed to USA & Australia. Where we differ from other magazines in the "paranormal" sector is that we approach the industry with a sense of fun. We feel that we differ from other paranormal magazines as we try and encapsulate every area of the paranormal, the dark side, the entertainment side, the spiritual side, the demonic side and the spooky side. We have some fantastic writers: Lesley Smith, Jason Karl, Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe, and Hazel Ford to name but four. We see the paranormal as an industry that throws up so many questions, so many scenarios and yet fails to provide answers. Our features are fun, fresh, vibrant, informative and entertaining. It came about cos of a love of the paranormal and seeing that magazines that were already out there didn't really "choke my chicken" and I saw a gap in the sector
Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?

You know what, I am the most open minded and broad-minded person you could ever know and yet to date i have never had a paranormal experience,or none that i know of . Bring it on, that's all I can say. As an open-minded sceptic I am more than willing to be convinced.
How would you describe an average day in the office?

There is no such thing as an average day in the Haunted Office. It is a mixture of fun, laughter, writing, editing, silly ideas, good ideas and copious amounts of coffee
If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?

For me the most obvious places that I feel should be investigated are graveyards, if there is going to be any paranormal activity then surely it is going to be on a patch of land with thousands of dead bodies.
Have you always wanted to work in the magazine world?

YES, even when I worked in sales or other jobs, I have always felt more comfortable being creative, writing poetry, ideas for stories and scripts etc etc. Now, I am in it, I bloody love it. Creating something that even ONE person might like is a real buzz
Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain?

Not really, only thing I can think of is being given a question about sines and cosines in a maths exam
What do you enjoy most about your job?

Lots of things, the ability to be able to be creative at any time of the day, the ability to make people smile, laugh and appreciate that the Paranormal industry is not just about sitting in a darkened room for 4 hours with nothing happening. I love putting the magazine together, although no matter how organised I am, the week before deadline is manic.
Have you had any crazy fans write in to the magazine? Any funny examples?

I wouldn't say crazy, more like deranged! I actually always love getting mail from the readers, if they send cheques it's even better.
If you could interview any one for you magazine dead or alive who would it be and why?

I have a list.. Lady Gaga, Sir Christopher Lee, Robbie Williams, Steve McQueen, Laurel & Hardy, Tony Curtis, Spike Milligan, The League of Gentlemen, The Wiggles, Vincent Price, Alfred Hitchcock, Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Aleister Crowley & The Chuckle Brothers.. You did ask!!
What would your advice be to other people who are interested in working for a magazine?

For people wanting to set up their own magazine: Do it, give it everything you can, believe in yourself, don't write it for other people, write it for yourself and if it's good, there are enough people on this planet that will like it as well. For people interested in working for a magazine: give it your best shot, write from the heart and don't be put off if magazines say no or don't even bother to reply.
What are your plans for the future?

Well, working on Haunted, improving the magazine. There a few other projects that Haunted are involved in, launching a few other paranormal related ideas aimed at dragging and kicking the paranormal into a new era. Let's see where the journey takes us. Away from the magazine, my future plans involved watching my three year old twin girls grow up, they're amazing as they're hard work, but love them to bits.
 Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

YES. No magazine will please everyone, no magazine will appeal to everyone BUT if you would like a free copy of Haunted, I will give copies to the first five people who email me at and one last thing: Don't be normal, be paranormal!
 I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside,

You are more than welcome, it has been an absolute pleasure!!
Issue 8 is out NOW in selected WHSmiths and newsagents all over the UK  you can buy it from the site direct for cheaper than the shop price 

Nick Redfern


Nick" Redfern born 1964 in Pelsall, Walsall, Staffordshire is a British Ufologist and Cryptozoologist now living in Dallas, Texas, U.S.also an active advocate of official disclosure, and has worked to uncover thousands of pages of previously-classified Royal Air Force, Air Ministry and Ministry of Defence files on UFOs dating from the Second World War from the Public Record Office and currently works as a feature writer and contributing editor for Phenomena magazine and has appeared on a variety of television programmes in the UK, including The Big Breakfast; Channel 5 News; and GMTV and is in constant demand on the lecture circuit, both in the UK and overseas, and has appeared in internationally syndicated shows discussing the UFO phenomenon and also has authored several best-selling books on UFOs including: The FBI Files: The FBI's UFO Top Secrets Exposed; and Cosmic Crashes: The Incredible Story Of The UFOs That Fell To Earth.

Hi there nick firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and would like to welcome you to paranormal the otherside

For our readers, what exactly is Cryptozoology, and what exactly do you do?
Cryptozoology is basically the study of unknown - or unacknowledged - creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Yeti, lake-monsters, sea-serpents, the Chupacabras, etc. However, cryptozoology can also encompass things like out-of-place animals, such as the large, exotic cats roaming Britain, wallabies in the British Isles, and other animals that are seen here, but that shouldn't really be here at all. And, cryptozoology can also include animals that seem more paranormal than flesh-and-blood, such as werewolves, the Owlman, and Mothman. As for what I do in this subject, it's generally four things: going on expeditions to look for these creatures, interviewing witnesses, writing about the phenomena, whether in magazines or books, and lecturing on the subject.
How long have you been working in this field?
 Well, this is sort of a long story. When I was about 5 or 6, my parents took me to Scotland for a week's holiday and we spent a day at Loch Ness - this was the first time I had been to Loch Ness. And, while we stood at the shore, my dad told me the story of the Loch Ness Monster, and it got me hooked, even at a young age. By the time I was about 10 or 11, I had been reading things like John Keel's books and Brad Steiger's, and not long after Peter Costello's work on lake-monsters, other people's books on Bigfoot etc. I loved reading, but I was totally useless at school when it came to academics, and I didn't get a single qualification that was worth anything - maybe 2 old CSE grade 4's or something, but that's about all. No O-levels or anything like that, not even good CSE grades. For me, school was only good for having mates and girlfriends and playing football and rugby. I stayed on for a year in the 6th Form, but that was useless too! LOL. I sat around with my mates in the 6th Form Room drinking tea, listening to Radio 1, and playing cards all day, which was great fun, until it was made clear to me that I needed to do some academic work too LOL. But it quickly hit me that I wasn't going to get anywhere with an extra year at school, so I just walked out one day and never went back. I went down the job-centre and they had an opening on a new music, fashion and entertainment that was starting up locally called "Zero." I got the job, and was taught all about the inner workings of a magazine, interview techniques, writing styles, photography and much more. I did that for about 18 months, before the magazine closed down. That really got me interested in writing, even though I was crap at it at school. But, I couldn't get another job in that field at the time - this was when Thatcher's monstrous regime was at its height, and unemployment was very high. So, for the next 5 years or so I did a whole range of various jobs that had nothing to do with writing, such as painting and decorating, shelf-stacker, forklift-driver, and van-driver. I loved the van-driving job, as I'd drive all over the country delivering paint and wall-paper, and it was a good laugh, and if I wasn't writing today, I'd probably do some sort of driving job. But, over time, I got more interested in Fortean stuff, and started subscribing to the few self-published newsletters and mags that existed back then (late 1980s) on UFOs and weird creatures, and over time began doing book reviews for them, and things like that. And that got me into doing articles, interviewing people, and that's where it began.
When did you first become involved in cryptozoology ?
 It was around this time - 86-88, I think - that I started looking into some local crypto cases, such as the story of the Bigfoot-like "Man-Monkey" of Shropshire, that was first seen in 1879. This is a weird little story of a creature that looks like a hairy ape, but that is clearly paranormal. The idea that a colony of giant-apes could live in Britain is totally insane. Given that Britain is a small country, we would be seeing massive evidence of the habitats and eating-habits of these creatures if they were flesh-and-blood and living in colonies, but we don't. So, yes, people see Bigfoot-type creatures in Britain, but they're not "real" in the sense we understand the term. Then, I took the plunge one day in the 1990s, and left my job and began doing freelance writing on things like UFOs, cryptozoology, and took it from there to now. I was flat broke for ages, but finally clawed my way up bit by bit! By the way, writing about Fortean stuff is not the way to make much money or much of a living, but it's very rewarding in other ways!

What creature do you think has the best chance of being real?
 Definitely the Orang-Pendek of Sumatra - which is an intriguing creature that seems to have both human and ape qualities, although it's quite small in size. I'd also say some of the Scottish and Irish lake-monsters, the Yeti of the Himalayas and its Chinese equivalent the Yeren, the British big cats, and a lot of sea-serpent sightings, as we clearly know very little about the world's oceans, and particularly the deeper parts.
What is the most convincing evidence for a case you've investigated?
 In terms of my own personal investigations, I would have to say that it's the various expeditions I've been on to Puerto Rico looking for the Chupacabras. I've been there several times now, and have gathered a lot of data from eye-witnesses, veterinarians, police, civil defence people, farmers and others who have either seen the Chupacabras, or who have investigated Chupacabras attacks. Most of the people describe an animal with a monkey-like body that is very agile and very fast. It's usually described as having vicious claws and fangs, and a handful of witnesses have said it has spikes running down its head and neck like a punk-rock mohawk. And, somewhat controversially, a handful of witnesses have described the creature as having bat-like wings - although not wings that are big enough to enable it to fly. Rather, they're more like a penguin's wings, where they are vestigial. And maybe they're used as intimidation too when stretched out - but definitely not for flying. The data I have collected over the years definitely makes me conclude we're looking at real animals. But what they actually are, I have no idea!
As you have a few books under your belt from On the Trail of the Saucer Spies to "There''s Something in the Woods, which book has given you the most joy?
I would probably say my Contactees book, as I feel this is an area that is so often dismissed as having no consequence, and most people in Ufology see the whole Contactee movement as being either total bullshit, or they view the experiences literally. I realised when I dug deep into the research for the book that it wasn't that simple, and that in reality, there was much more going on - such as some of the Contactees having links to the military and the intelligence community. Others were clearly in altered states of mind at the time of their experiences, whether via LSD, mescalin, hashish and others. And some of the Contactees, I'm certain, were the victims of government-sponsored disinformation/psychological warfare operations. So, I was pleased to be able to write a book that focused on all this, and - hopefully - demonstrated that the Contactee controversy is a very thought-provoking one because of all its various aspects. I was also pleased to do my Man-Monkey book, which was the first real book-length study of Bigfoot claims throughout Britain, but with the emphasis on the Man-Monkey case.
Whats your thoughts on The film that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made in 1967 in Northern California at Bluff Creek of Sasquatch - The Big Foot of North America caught on film?
 Well, there really are only two possibilities: it's a man in a suit or its a Bigfoot, and that's it. I've met and spoke with Bob Gimlin in person, and I certainly don't believe he is guilty of taking part in any sort of hoax. Could Patterson have committed a hoax, and Gimlin was an unknowing victim of it? Possibly, I suppose. Although, I tend to conclude that the footage is not a hoax because of the way in which the body moves, and how it doesn't hang like a badly-fitting monkey suit. The big problem, however, is how - more than 40 years later - we try and take the investigation further. And I'm not sure we can do that now, after such a length of time. And I'm not sure if even further analysis of the film will make any difference now. So, the disbelievers will continue to disbelieve, and the believers will continue to believe - because after 43 years it's at stalemate and will probably remain like that too forever.
Do you believe in the Loch Ness monster ? 
Yes, I do believe - based on the available witness testimony and the small number of credible photos and footage - that there have been large animals of an unknown type in Loch Ness.
Do you think it'll be long before a creature like Loch Ness is finally discovered?
 The fact that in recent years there has been a noticeable and significant drop in the number of sightings of the Loch Ness creatures, leads me to suggest the possibility that these things may actually become extinct (if they aren't almost there already) before we have the ability to prove they exist and understand what they are. That would be a tragedy if it happens, but I think we have to face that possibility. I suppose then the only way would be to have some sort of in-depth study of the bottom of the Loch. But that would cost money, and a body - no matter what its size - would probably get eaten and decomposed quickly. And so finding hard evidence for the Loch Ness creatures might be close to impossible if they're nearing their end. I think we might have much more luck with the reports at Loch Morar, Scotland, and with some of the Irish lake-monsters than we will with Loch Ness.
Whats your thoughts on Cryptozoological Hoaxes such as Piltdown Man and The Zeuglodon ?
 Well, it's unfortunate when this happens, but today at least, most hoaxes seem to fall apart quickly, such as the "Bigfoot Body in the Freezer" story of a couple of years ago. I don't think they leave a lasting or significant impression on the overall positive body of sightings, reports etc.
If one of our readers is interested in becoming a Cryptozoologist, what is the best advice you would give them?
I would suggest several things: to begin with, if you're going to go on a search for an unknown animal, then it's vital to have a deep understanding of all the known animals in the area too. By that, I mean if you're going looking for a big-cat in an English forest, then you should also have an understanding of what - for example - deer prints, or badger prints, or fox prints look like, so you can rule those out if you find tracks, before concluding there's something more unusual at work. Also: have an understanding of what normal wild animals sound like, their screams, their barks etc. Some very normal animals make very unusual cries, and it's easy for people to get over-excited in the woods when it's dark and they hear animalistic noises. Also: try and get hold of things like night-vision equipment, cameras, audio-recording equipment, and pretty much anything that might be useful to capture the evidence - because you don't know if you'll get a chance again. And also, get acquainted with what has been written on the subject of cryptozoology over the decades, as way to understand what it is we're dealing with. And don't be put off by people who want to criticise or ridicule you. These people are not important at all and they don't matter in the slightest. Ignore them and do what you want to do. Don't do what other people tell you that you should do - or should not do.
Over the years what has been your biggest achievement?
Well, it's hard to define an actual achievement, as I think that would sound a bit pompous. But, I'd like to think I have added to the body of data that we have on the various phenomena that I've investigated, whether it's on the Chupacabras, UFOs, or anything else, such as collecting witness reports on Bigfoot sightings, getting hold of government files on UFOs, and things like that. And I hope I've presented some interesting theories - some quite controversial ones - regarding the nature of UFOs and strange creatures. I'm not sure if that's all an achievement, however, or just a routine part of the job! LOL.
What are your plans for the future? 
 I have plenty more I want to do, such as further crypto expeditions, and I have a few more books in the works for publication in the near future, such as one on the mystery animals of Staffordshire, where I grew up. Also: a book on the paranormal side of the Men in Black. And one on NASA conspiracies and cover-ups. As long as I enjoy what I do in terms of investigations and writing, then I'll continue to do it. But, that's not the main thing. The main thing is being able to provide the readers of my books and articles with new material, new witnesses, and new ideas and thoughts on what's going on. If it feels like I'm just going over old ground and not adding anything new anymore, then I'll stop. I have no desire at all to keep writing books if it means just rehashing old stuff and not adding anything new. That's totally pointless. So, if I can keep hopefully adding new data and ideas to the issues were investigating, then I'll keep doing it. If I feel I'm at a brick-wall I'll stop and do something else.
Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?
 If you have a passion for cryptozoology, UFOs, the paranormal, the supernatural or whatever, and even if you want to make a writing career out of it, don't be put off by people who tell you that you should live a normal life (after all, what's normal?!), or who tell you to get a "proper" job, where you have to wear a suit and tie and have a fat old boss who tells you what to do all day long for 40 years. No! Do things on your own terms, be your own boss, throw the suit and tie in the bin, pick up your camera and equipment, and head off into the unknown, and preferably to a soundtrack of The Ramones!

I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside,


Stephen Griffiths


Inspired by a life long interest, Stephen founded Swadlincote Paranormal Investigations in 2003 to investigate all types of locations including pubs, commercial and residential properties.Stephen is a down to earth, no nonsense investigator who has lead the team into hundreds of investigations over the years.Recently, Stephen has enjoyed a role in Living TV's show "Living With The Dead" (series 2) where he became the resident investigator for all eight shows in the series. During the show, Stephen helped the team to record some impressive evidence of paranormal activity in the homes featured on the show and has since returned to some of the locations to further investigate any activity which was present in the locations.Since appearing on Living With The Dead, Stephen has also featured as a special guest on White Noise Paranormal Radio and on UKPN Radio.

Hi there stephen firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and welcome to paranormal the otherside.

Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up?
 My very first experience of something which I believe to be a "ghost" is when I was around 9 or 10 years old, I remember sitting bolt upright in the middle of the night looking at a grey, full apparition, moving slowly across my bedroom from the window towards the door which then suddenly vanished. Being at such a young age my voice had not broken, and you can imagined I screamed like a little girl!!

Can you tell us how Swadlincote Paranormal Investigations came about?
 As you know I always had an Interest in the paranormal ever since I was a small boy, I was fascinate by UFOs, Aliens, Unexplained, X Files, local myths & legends and over the years I met several like-minded people so, about ten years ago, we started the Swadlincote Paranormal Investigations team, fund raising for a local School as my wife and I was involved in PTA. That was the birth of the Ghost walk around Swadlincote, that involved going into the shops and pub's, for ghost stories and history of Swadlincote Town and its High Street. Then the more people that began to hear of us, the more they wanted us to Investigation their property, the local news papers and local Radio started noticing us asking us to do interviews too.

Could you tell us how you became involved with Living with the Dead and what was it like to work with Johnnie Fiori and Ian Lawman?
 Well, me and Phil Whyman went over to an event in Derby for a charity (children in need hosted by Derby Paranormal), that's when me & Phil met Mark Webb, I think he had just finished filming "Haunted homes." We got chatting so I invited him to one or two SPI events. One day we received an email saying that Living TV were looking for a new team, to start an all new show called "Living with the dead" and if we knew of any haunted house's. We provided the production team in London with three haunted houses around Swadlincote area, as we knew that Mark was in the show we told him about this house, then used the one called.Ö "The ghost in the attic" which I played a small part in, as an Investigator telling the story about the haunted house and our findings from investigations we had conducted there. We found a haunted chair in the attic space been there for about 100 years as the entrance to the attic was far too small for the chair to fit through so it must have been put there when the house was built. I believed that the chair had something to do with all the problems experienced by the people who lived there.
So a year later, they started filming the second series and looking for more locations to film, they rang me to see if I had any good haunted houses that we were working on. And out of the blue the production team asked me to take on all the eight shows of Living With The Dead series 2 so I said I'd give it a go! I managed to get through the 8 weeks of filming and managing to get my old van around the UK in one piece (that was my Van, that I was sitting in throughout the winter freezing!) Working with the crew was a life changing experience we had some fun off screen too, and still chat on the phone to the film crew.

Out of all the areas you visited whilst filming Living with the Dead what location would you say has been the most active?
It must be the Blackpool one for me, that house is so haunted. Me and Ian Lawman at the time were standing at the top of the stairs, we heard the sound of a spirit coming from no where saying "I am with you" It was a good job that I left a camera running on top of the stairs and caught the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recoding of the spirit, we could not believe what we heard, for me that is the best one. I have been back to Blackpool three time now working with Susii to find more answers as to why that property is so haunted.

being a paranormal investigator like yourself What is your favourite piece of equipment to use on an investigation and what type of evidence have you collected with that equipment?
 Dictaphones and tape recorders, for EVP's and for notes, description of the locations etc. I also like to use Infra-Red Video Cameras, over many years I have collected so many hours of paranormal activity recorded on video, too many to mention. We did put a DVD together about two to three years ago featuring all of highlights over the years. And my favourite of all is Motion Detectors which are used across doors and stair ways, to detect your paranormal crew creeping up on you whilst you are asleep! (Joking of course!)

Over the years what's has been your biggest achievement?
 "Achievement" At the moment I think will be working an a book called "Haunted Burton Upon Trent" The book will feature real ghost encounters, research and photographs. It's really all of our investigations and research over the 10 years life span of the team put together in one book. The other is to put our own show on the Television, we have it ready to go and are talking to a production team at this moment so I think those two things are going to be the biggest achievement to me.

If you could investigate any supposed haunted location in the UK or abroad where would it be and why?
The Edinburgh Vaults and the Queen Marry ship. I'd Love to go to.. these two locations have so many stories of ghosts and sightings, there must be some truth behind them, too many people have witnessed activity in these locations for them not to be haunted.

Has anything ever happened to you that you just cannot explain?
 There are so many places, but the one that stands out is a private house in Chesterfield, there was so much activity going on. I had a full SPI team, a Vicar and Mediums on that night. Richard and I were doing Baseline reading in the bedrooms with EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) reader and a laser thermometer, the temperature with the laser thermometer readings went up to 166 degrees Centigrade and the EMF went off the scale too, it happened three times through out the night during the Investigation, and two of the cameras had been pushed over by an unseen force. Despite trying experiments with the equipment to try and re-create what happened we cannot find an explanation for this. There is a snippet of this activity on our DVD.

What are your thoughts on E.V.P.'S?
I was not a big fan on E.V.P's, thinking that a recording can be misinterpreted or receiving stray radio waves to the recorder, but if there are a set of questions with fifteen seconds between the next, to find playing back with an intelligence after the question, i.e. question-"is your name Andrew" answer-"no it's James " than yes it can be used a evidence!!. Maybe it's needs more experiments regarding this? Saying that I have had some very good EVP's at Freddie Starrs house, after filming with LWTD and receding a EVP on the show -"Roger".. I wonted to go back to Freddie's home, so Freddie agreed. We spent two days there on a full Investigation and come up with some conclusive evidence that there are three spirits in the building.

What are you working on at the moment?
 At the moment we are working an a book called "Haunted Burton Upon Trent" The book will feature real ghost encounters from the town and it's surrounding areas as investigated by the SPI team including historical records, investigation reports and images. Recently, we was very pleased to be involved with a film crew filming a trailer to produce a documentary about paranormal phenomena, for a new movie coming out soon through out the UK. I do like my ghost walks around Swadlincote so we may run another walk by the end of the year too.

What are your plans for the future?
My plans for the future? I think I will be involved in more of the unknown, and the unexplained phenomena, and maybe spend more time into the research side. As a team we still on call to houses and places of work to Investigate the paranormal, and eventually finish the second DVD.By Stephen Griffiths.

I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside,

 Many Thanks

Billy Roberts

Billy Roberts is an internationally renowned Stage Psychic and Medium and is also an author with 18 books to his credit. He is regarded as a leading authority on the paranormal and metaphysics

Hi there billy firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and would like to welcome you to paranormal the otherside.

Could you tell us when did you first start contacting spirits?
Hi,I have been psychic from a child. My first recollections are from the age of three.  My mother, grandmother and aunt were mediums, so seeing so-called 'dead' people was commonplace to me. I spent most of my childhood either in hospital or in bed at home, and I suppose it was this that made me more focused on my 'invisible' friends.
Would you tell us a little about your spirit guide and how you made your first connection with him or her?
Some time around the age of three I became acquainted with 'Tall Pine' whom I believed to be a Native American. Tall Pine has always been an integral part of my life and work, and in 1977/78 The Teachings of Tall Pine were published in booklet form.  I also had a column in The Greater World Spiritualist paper, in which TP as he was affectionately known would answer questions.  For approximately two years I worked under sem-trance control, and this ceased when I founded the Thought Workshop, the North West's first Centre for Psychic and Spiritual Studies and Alternative Therapies.  I now know Tall Pine to be the spiritual leader of a group known as 'The Elders', and although I am today aware of their presence, I prefer not to speak about them.
How did you become involved with mosthaunted and what was it like to work with yvette fielding and the team?
I was asked to appear on Most Haunted just by chance.  It was an experience that I really enjoyed. I equally enjoyed working along side Yvette and Karl, both of whom are consummate professionals.  It's a pity we will not see it on television again.

 Out of all the areas you visited whilst filming mosthaunted what location has been the most active?
The most interesting venue, from a paranormal point of view, was the Asylum in Denbigh. There were lots of extremely eerie things going on there.
In 1995 you presented a series of videos entitled "BILLY ROBERTS INVESTIGATES THE PARANORMAL" could you tell us a little about this?
I featured on three videos from 1995 to 1997, pre Most Haunted. Although today many cynics criticise them, they were never meant to be taken seriously.  In saying that, they did sell extremely well and were an innovation at the time, when there was very little like them available. Nonetheless, we did encounter an awful lot of phenomena during the first one, particularly at Chingle Hall, allegedly the most haunted venue in the UK.  Sadly, this is no longer open to the general public.
If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why?
The place I would most like to visit for a proper investigation is a place I have already been to.  The haunted graveyard in the Louisiana Swamps, New Orleans.  This was the eeriest place I have ever been to.  I filmed a documentary there for Sony to promote their new Playstation 2 Game, Ghost Hunter.  We had very little time there and so I would like to return, and probably will in a future programme.

 As you have a few books under your belt from SO YOU WANT TO BE PSYCHIC? to THE GREAT PARANORMAL CLASH'which book has given you the most joy?
I have had 18 books published, from memory improvement techniques, to children's books.  The one I enjoyed writing most of all was my autobiography (the first one) BENEATH THE WINGS OF ANGELS, published by Harper Collins in 1995.  The updated version, AS I RECALL IT, is on sale at the moment.  My children's book, THE MAGIC LOCKER was also enjoyable.  I turned this into a musical and was due to be staged at the Liverpool Empire, but was cancelled because the sponsors pulled out.  All proceeds were going to Alder Hey Children's Hospital.
You have written a childrens book called THE MAGIC LOCKER, how did this come about and why?
TheMagic Locker came about as a result of my long stays in Alder Hey Hospital as a child.  I used to imagine myself travelling from the ward to far off place.  The story is a fantasy tale about 7 year old Billy in hospital and follows his adventures when he escapes through the locker door with his little friend, the Sleepy Time Keeper.  It's set in a fantasy world called Heswobble.  This is Heswall where I now live.
Yourself and Ciaran OíKeeffe, have been jointly working on a book entitled "THE GREAT PARANORMAL CLASH" how did this come about and why?
The Great Paranormal Clash came about on the suggestion of my then literary agent, Liz Puttick.  She said it would be good if I could team up with a parapsychologist and write a book.  I knew Ciaran and this is what we did.  We eventually turned the book into a psychological/psychic stage show, and this is touring the UK at the moment.

 What are you working on at the moment?
We are currently working on a new television series, hopefully to be screened next year.

What are your plans for the future?
My new book, SO YOU WANT TO BE PSYCHIC is being published in the USA early next year.  I will be recording a series of DVDs on the process of psychic development to help all those endeavouring to cultivate their mediumistic and psychic abilities.  A tour of America is planned to promote both the book and the DVDs sometime next year.

I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside, Many Thanks

Carol Arnall

Carol  has been fascinated by the subject of ghosts and hauntings and also a published
Author of  Dancing With Spirits, Spirits of the Lights and Non-Fiction Mysterious Happenings, Paranormal Staffordshire, Choosing Your Psychic Pathway

Hi there carol firstly thank you for taking time out to answer my questions today and welcome to paranormal the otherside.

Did you have any paranormal experiences whilst growing up? When I was very young I was walking back to school after lunch and saw the ghost of a young girl walking just ahead of me! Was I scared? No, but I was aware that if I mentioned it to anyone I would be tormented to death  I kept the experience to myself for many years

Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain? Like all the scientists and ghost investigators I cannot explain what a ghost is.There was also an occasion that I have written about in Mysterious Happening involving the crystal ball that Iíve never been able to explain.

How did you become involved in researching and collecting ghost stories ? Ghost stories have fascinated me all my life so it was inevitable that when I was given the opportunity  to follow my interest I did. This is how it happened It was following a serious road accident in the late 1980s that I decided as I could not return to work, I would write a book.

Having always had an interest in the Supernatural ? I read the tarot cards for a while - the booklet was obviously always going to be about ghosts. When I was reading the cards many people told me ghost stories, so with their permission these were included. Local papers were always helpful in publishing my appeals for stories, and there was no shortage of people willing to share their ghostly tales.My first ghost booklet Mystical Staffordshire, appeared in the early 1990s. I really only intended writing one, but as it was so popular I wrote another, then another. Numerous ghostly booklets later I combined them together into Mystical Happenings. Since publishing Mystical Happenings, I have written Eerie Happenings.I have also written other books, Memories of Rugeley, Dreams Explained, Brummagem Girls. I decided to turn my hand to writing fiction in 2007, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of writing Dancing with Spirits. Spirits of the Lights,both are full of mystical and happenings. Most recently Paranormal Staffordshire How can I write about anything else?

You have been researching and collecting ghost stories since 1988 since doing so what story would you say has been the most interesting and why? There isnít one that stands out more than any of the others. One day I will think, oh, I think thatís the best one and then another day another story will jump into my mind, and so it goes on.

As you have a few books under your belt from Dancing with Spirits to Mysterious Happenings which book has given you the most joy? All of them really. Each book I write is a new beginning and I have enjoyed writing each and everyone of them.

Out of all the locations you have been to what would you say has the most activity and why ? Mmm Thatís difficult because I donít really go out investigating very often. I prefer to write the stories.An intersting happening springs to mind.My sister-in-law owned a farm in Wales for a number of years. The first time I went on a visit the farm I disliked the atsmoshere inside the farmhouse intensely. Obviously I never said anything to her.Many years later my mother-in-law remarked that she had always disliked the farmhouse and was glad when it was time to leave

If you could investigate any supposed haunted location where would it be and why? Oh I donít know. My honest opinion is that if youíre going to see a ghost you will! Iím not one for investigating.

What are you working on at the moment? My third nove, The Other Place, and it will be out shortly. Itís about a girl who is haunted by a past life..

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers? Your readers obviously like ghosts and ghost stories etc so I would as that they keep spreading the word. Who knows maybe a few of the sceptics will cross the veil Ė so to speak!

What are your plans for the future?
To collect and publish  more ghost stories, so please anyone who has a good story send it to me so I can share it with my readers! The ghost books are also very popular in the States.

I on behalf of Paranormal The Otherside would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me, for an interview for Paranormal The otherside Thanks again for your time.

 Thanks for asking me.   Carol