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Welcome to paranormal the otherside have you captured something strange or unusual on audio ? if so then email your evps to us

we will take a look at them and possibly put on here

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The following EVP was submitted to us by our good friend jon from haunted realm

investigation at the cock with myself and haunted realm 


At the start of this clip you will hear HRPI team leader Mark talking to members of the group saying how he is picking up on a man with a club foot as soon as Mark says this you can hear a very loud deep voice speak but  HRPI cannot decide what the voice is saying .

In this clip you can clearly hear a very strange exhaling sound at between three to four seconds into the clip it seems completely out of place and HRPI cannot explain it   { any ideas ]

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EVP 1 evp.wav


peascroft woods 1.wav 

EVP 1    In this clip you will hear a very strange giggleing sound after neil (astral serch uk) saying "and i'm goose bumped", seems compleatly out of place and 'paranormal the otherside' and 'astral serch uk' cannot explain it. 2.wav

EVP 2  You will hear a sound which can only be describe as a pssst!   {any ideas} over me.wav

EVP 3   At the start of this clip you will hear me talking to neil from astral serch uk, if you listen, you can hear a voice talking over me, then you will hear neil respond to my question (think that was what we saw in the light) paranormal the otherside and astral serch uk cannot decide what the voice is saying.

Hear are astral search uks thoughts on the evps captured at peascroft woods investiagtion along with  paranormal the otherside

E.v.p 1
good e.v.p sounds like my name been spoke or a female laugh this one i like best.

E.V.P 2
sounds like someone saying "psst" as if trying to get our attention also good taping.

E.V.P 3
the weridest of all cannot make out what was been said as u spoke but there was defo another voice there apart from ours, one the coolest i've heard



wombourne station


Electronic Voice Phenomena

EVP stands for "Electronic Voice Phenomena". It is the process of recording audio on analog or digital recorders and hearing unexplained voices and sounds on playback.

The earliest EVP recordings were probably recorded in the late 19th century. It is unclear who first might have heard these sounds. Dr. Konstantin Raudive caused a clamor in Europe and later in England and the Americas when his book "Breakthrough!" was published in the late 20th century in English. Later EVP investigators included Raymond Bayless and D. Scott Rogo, who became famous for their studies of "telephone calls from the dead" and published a book by that name in the early 1970s.

EVP should not be confused with Instrumental TransCommuncation (ITC). ITC is a general term for audio and video heard and/or seen in real-time with no playback required. Modern EVP uses computer and software technology to produce random noise of various kinds to enhance the recorded sounds. Similar techniques in ITC, leading to some of the confusion between the two.

Skeptics claim that EVP (and ITC as well) is caused solely by paradolia, the human ability to find patterns in randomness. While this argument is convincing for EVP and audio ITC it is less convincing when applied to video ITC phenomena. The low levels, difficulty in hearing most EVP recordings and potential for misinterpretation suggests that the skeptical position is likely correct in many cases. Most EVP proponents would of course disagree.


Wat are evp classes ...

class C .. The class C EVP is the most common type captured. It is very faint, almost whispery even. Class C EVPs almost always require headphones for listening and are very difficult if not impossible to interpret. Most class Cs are noises as opposed to words and sentences.

class B... Class Bs are a little different. Class B EVPs are more audible. They may require headphones but most do not. You will be able to hear at least a few words out of a sentence in a class B EVP.

class A... The class A EVP is by far the rarest to collect. Class As are very clear and do not require headphones at all to be heard. Full senetences and phrases can be heard without alteration by way of any editor or other software. Class A EVPs are very difficult to come by.